Red Nose Day Celebrity Plea Video: Watch Star-Studded PSA!

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Red Nose Day Stars Plea PSA

By Andrew Shuster |


Many celebrities have teamed up for a funny Red Nose Day PSA urging people to donate money to help poverty-stricken children around the world. Watch the video below!

The promo features a montage of celebrities supporting Red Nose Day by mocking montages of celebrities pleading for charities. Stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Tracy Morgan, Kobe Bryant and many more make very brief appearances to explain they’re “doing that thing where a bunch of celebrities are edited together so that each celebrity says one sentence or less of a heartfelt plea.”

“Were any of us ever in the same room together?” asks DeGeneres, before the camera cuts to Liam Neeson who answers, “No. We were not.” With each getting only a word or two each, more stars add, “Group pleas like this can leave celebrities who are used to being the center of attention feeling underutilized, superfluous and insignificant.”

Anna Kendrick then adds, “It can be hard to understand why some of us get a ton of screen time and others barely get,” before the footage cuts to Vince Vaughn, who finishes the sentence with “any.” All of the previously mentioned celebrities and many more will be appearing on “The Red Nose Day Special,” which airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC. Watch the full PSA video below!


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