Rebel Wilson On Selfie With Justin Bieber: “I Was Holding His Balls” (VIDEO)

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Rebel Wilson Justin Bieber Selfie Balls

By Andrew Shuster |

Rebel Wilson Justin Bieber Selfie Balls

(Graham Norton Show)

Rebel Wilson appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” and joked during her interview that when she and Justin Bieber took a selfie together, she was “holding his balls.” See the funny video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Wilson and Kelly Osbourne met Bieber at the opening night of Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” show in Las Vegas last month. The trio hung out and posed for multiple selfies, and later Wilson tweeted an image of a handwritten note she and Osbourne gave the singer, which read, “We think you should take our sexy hot asses out after the show (nothing weird).” At the bottom of the letter were two boxes labeled “yes” and “no,” and the “yes” box had been checked by Bieber.

When Norton asked Wilson about the encounter on Friday’s episode of the British talk show, the actress admitted, “I still haven’t found love, so I try to get out there.” She went on to explain that she and Osbourne “noticed Justin Bieber sitting two rows behind us, and we thought… Valentine’s Day is coming up, we’re both single. Let’s just make a play for him.” Wilson went on to explain that they had a security guard deliver their love letter, adding, “At first we thought it would be funny, but then it actually worked.”

The talk show host then displayed a photo of Wilson and Osbourne’s letter on a screen. Referring to the “yes” box, Wilson, a law school graduate, pointed out, “As you can see from Exhibit A, it’s checked seven times… So I believe that means like seven dates he owes me.” But the actress then confessed, “He hasn’t gotten back in touch with me about the actual date, and I should probably stop talking about it because he’s going to think I’m really weird.”

Norton then put up on screen the selfie featuring Bieber in between Wilson and Osbourne, and the talk show host noted, “He looks quite nervous,” to which Wilson clarified, “No, that was just because I was holding his balls.” Watch Wilson recount her interaction with Bieber in the video below!


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