Story About Why Eniko Parrish “Can’t Leave” Kevin Hart Is Made-Up

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Eniko Parrish Leave Kevin Hart

By Michael Lewittes |

Eniko Parrish Leave Kevin Hart

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A new story claiming to know the reason why Kevin Hart’s pregnant wife Eniko Parrish “can’t leave” him is “made-up.” Gossip Cop can expose this fabricated report. We’re told no one close to Parrish or Hart has talked to any outlets about the inner machinations of their relationship.

HollywoodLife, which seems to divine sources from thin air, alleges it has the scoop about the couple amid Hart’s cheating scandal. Of course, that same site has alleged a lot of other things that have been shown to be either outright lies or just provably wrong. In its latest manufactured report, the oft discredited outlet maintains that it knows why “Parrish is staying by his side.” In reality, it seems the untrustworthy blog is just taking stabs based on previously published stories; the fact that Parrish is on the verge of giving birth to Hart’s baby; and how he’s publicly promised not to stray anymore.

To make it appear as if the site has an exclusive scoop, HollywoodLies claims to have a source “close” to Parrish leaking information. The website’s “source,” who may be Captain Obvious, is quoted as saying the cheated on actress is “hurt and angry but she’s nowhere near ready to walk away.” The seemingly fake “source” continues, “Throwing it all away over one mistake is just not something she can do right now.” “Leaving him is not even a question, she’s in her third trimester… Breaking up with Kevin right now is only going to put more stress on her,” adds the almost assuredly concocted “source” in predictable language.

Just a couple of days, Gossip Cop similarly exposed HollywoodLife for its fake news story about Hart’s push present for Parrish. A mutual friend of ours and the couple assured us that the article was also completely “made-up.” Additionally, our impeccable insider said the website’s other claim about Parrish demanding Hart’s passwords for his phone was also a lie.

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