“Real Life” Peter Griffin Hits Comic-Con: Watch AMAZING Impersonator Video!

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Real Life Peter Griffin

By Daniel Gates |

Real Life Peter Griffin


Robert Franzese is a normal guy who just happens to be the world’s greatest real-life Peter Griffin. With a perfect command of the “Family Guy” character’s voice and mannerisms, the impersonator has become an online sensation. Franzese took his Griffin cosplay to New York Comic-Con, and the resulting video has gone viral. Check it out below!

He explains, “The impression just came natural to me, almost like [in] an instant… So I slapped together stuff that I had, I happened to have green pants from St. Patrick’s Day, I have a white button-down shirt… I had round glasses… I slapped it together and was like, ‘Great, Peter Griffin.'”

Franzese reveals that he grew up doing impressions of Looney Tunes characters and Muppets. “You don’t realize what an impact these voices have,” explains Franzese, who we see performing other famous voices as he interacts with people.

It’s pretty hilarious to watch Franzese answer questions from fans at Comic-Con as though he’s actually Griffin. And it’s pretty sweet that his notoriety as the “real-life” version of the popular character has brought him friends and pride. He explains, “I go to work, and I’m like a nobody. I have a nobody job, making nobody pay… but then I go to New York Comic-Con, and people are pulling out phones, like I’m freaking Brad Pitt or some sh*t. It makes me feel like a million bucks.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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