Reaction: Donald Trump Keeping ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Producer Credit

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Reaction Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice Producer Credit

By Michael Lewittes |

Reaction Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice Producer Credit

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Donald Trump will keep his executive producer credit on the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” being hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now people are reacting on Twitter. The President-elect, who came up with the show’s concept with Mark Burnett, will also be paid for the eight-episode season, which kicks off on January 2. It’s likely, however, Trump will donate his producer’s fee rather than pocket the money. And while Trump will not have any involvement in the actual show, news of him having onscreen credit led “Celebrity Apprentice” to trend and a slew of reaction tweets.

One user with the handle @GodsMigraine wrote, “Next Year Trump Will Be President, Commander in Chief, and Executive Producer of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.” Another with the account name @BASabbar cracked, “You do realise the next winner of Celebrity Apprentice will be the SCOTUS nominee. Please oh please let it be Snooki.” “Maybe Cabinet can try out for the first shows,” added @NewsmanSilva.

“@realDonaldTrump doesn’t have time to attend intelligence briefings but thinks he can make time for Celebrity Apprentice. #Priorities,” said ‏@Politidope. Similarly, ‏@Kris_Sacrebleu jabbed, “In my spare time, when I’m not leader of the free world, I Exec Produce Celebrity Apprentice.” And ‏@betscope tweeted, “Nice that Trump’s keeping his day job at NBC/Celebrity Apprentice so he’s got a fallback for when this POTUS gig doesn’t work out.” But @boatsandtacos noted, “People complaining about Trump remaining an executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice don’t understand what executive producer means.”

A user with the handle ‏@AidenWolfe joked, “Advisor: Mr. President, we have a geopolitical landmine to deal with. Trump: Silence! Arnold is about to fire the wrong celebrity apprentice.” And another named ‏@JosephWulfsohn suggested, “NBC is better off cancelling Celebrity Apprentice and have Arnold Schwarzenegger start fresh hosting a new show like ‘Celebrity Intern.'” Meanwhile, @answeryourshoe wrote, “Next, The Real Housewives of the White House. Ivanka will fist fight Melania & they’ll throw wine on each other. JFC ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.”

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