Reaction: Bow Wow Retiring From Rap Music

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Reaction Bow Wow Retiring

By Shari Weiss |

Reaction Bow Wow Retiring

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Bow Wow is retiring from rap music at the ripe old age of 29. People are now reacting on Twitter, though the jokes are heavy and the tributes few and far between.

The star, who primarily goes by his birth name Shad Moss these days, made the announcement via Twitter and Instagram on Sunday. “I always said years ago i’d retire from music before 30. I just cant see myself at 30 years old rapping,” he wrote. “Made over 20 million off rap. Why be greedy? Im good with everything i accomplished. I made it to the white house.”

Bow Wow, who began rapping before he even hit double digits and spent last year starring on “CSI: Cyber,” also announced he’ll have one final album called NYLTH, with longtime mentor Snoop Dogg serving as executive producer. “Since he brought me in the game, its only right i involve him and end it with him,” he said. “ITS OFFICIAL!!!! THIS SH*T BOUT TO BANG ON MOMMAS! And we aiming and im talking RECKLESS on this album. NOBODY SAFE.”

The proclamations have sparked a big response on Twitter, where “Bow Wow” is now a trending topic. But more people seem to be mocking than celebrating his career milestone. Intentionally leaving the spaces blank, @MatthewKick tweeted, “Top 3 Bow Wow songs: 1. 2. 3.” @antoniodelotero wondered, “bow wow how u retire from a dead career? no shade, just truth.” @universalindie also asked, “You mean Bow Wow was STILL making relevant music? Wow, I thought he quit ages ago.”

“Bow Wow announcing his retirement from music as if we didn’t make that decision for him already,” said @wreckitrocketz. @JusDreG stated, “Bow Wow is such a humble dude. He interacts with all 20 of his fans.” Still, there were some supportive remarks, with @sms130official saying, “Tha last meal from @smoss and I ain’t mad at cha. He’s proven himself. Thank you mr. 106 & Park, sir. Much respect.”

And amid the mockery, Bow Wow defended himself on Twitter on Monday, writing, “Just decided to get movie and tv money. Crazy how when JT did what i did NO ONE hated. I do it, its he fell off etc.” He also tweeted, “Its a blessing to have made millions and can retire before 30. I mean im extremely happy.” A release date for his last record has not yet been announced.

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