Rayvon Owen “Believe” ‘American Idol’ Video: Singer Makes Jennifer Lopez Cry In Big Comeback With Justin Bieber Song

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Rayvon Owen Believe American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Rayvon Owen Believe American Idol Video


Rayvon Owen made an unbelievable comeback on Wednesday’s “American Idol” with an incredible cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Believe” that had Jennifer Lopez in tears. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Owen has been in the Bottom Two for the last five weeks, and narrowly survived each time, which host Ryan Seacrest said might be a first in the history of the FOX competition. This time around, after winning the fan Twitter save over the last four episodes, Owen received enough votes without it to beat Tyanna Jones for the last spot in Top 4. And now the powerful performance he just gave may send him right into the Top 3.

Owen chose to cover “Believe” as a tribute to his mom, and unlike when the judges’ disliked Clark Beckham’s cover of Bieber’s “Boyfriend” last week, the panel was blown away. Keith Urban exclaimed, “I just gotta say, you sang phenomenally just then! But the most incredible thing was watching your mom over there. She was at church. It was beautiful, Rayvon!”

Lopez, who in the first round told Rayvon that he nailed his vocals but needed to show more emotion, gushed over the intensity he showed in the second round. “That’s it! You have to do that every time. I’m crying here. Everybody’s crying here!” said the superstar. She went on, “That’s the connection. That’s the thing. Every single song, every single time. Beautiful. Perfect. I love you right now.”

Harry Connick Jr. pointed out that Bieber’s track had a number of writers, and told Owen, “I think every single one of them would be very happy to have heard you sing that.” Watch both of Owen’s performances below, and tell us what you think of him making a comeback.


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