Raye Montague “GMA” Video: Janelle Monae Surprises “Hidden Figure”

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Raye Montague GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Raye Montague GMA Video


Janelle Monae helped honor Raye Montague, a real-life “hidden figure,” on Monday’s “GMA.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Monae is one of the stars of Hidden Figures, the Oscar-nominated film about the real-life female, African-American NASA scientists who greatly contributed to the space race. Their work has largely gone unrecognized over the years, until the critically-acclaimed film told their story. Now Monae teamed up with “Good Morning America” to give another pioneer some much-deserved time in the spotlight.

Montague, who is also an African-American female, was a Navy engineer, and the first person to ever design a ship using a computer. She was also the first female in Navy history to be program manager. Now 82, Montague is unknown to most people, despite the game-changing work she did in the Navy.

“I just never dreamed that I would be credited with achieving as much as I did,” she now told Robin Roberts, further saying of Hidden Figures, “It was really my story… I faced a lot of the same barriers that those ladies faced.” Little did Montague know, Monae was there, flowers in hand, to give her some love.

The singer-actress told her, “We thank you so much for your service. You are an American hero.” Monae further surprised Montague with a video message from her Hidden Figures co-star Octavia Spencer. “I wanna let you know you are no longer hidden, Spencer said. “We see you.” By the end, Monae was in tears. Check out the videos below!

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