Rashida Jones Teaches Stephen Colbert How To Be A Feminist (VIDEO)

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Rashida Jones Stephen Colbert Video

By Shari Weiss |

Rashida Jones Stephen Colbert Video


Rashida Jones taught Stephen Colbert how to be a feminist on Friday’s “Late Show.” Check out the video below!

Jones was on the late-night show to promote her TBS series “Angie Tribeca,” and Colbert noted, “One of the things I’ve learned about you is you don’t mind dropping the F-word, which is feminist.” The host then wondered why “feminist” has become a bad word in some circles. “I think people equivocate it with being a man-hater,” Jones explained. “It’s not that. It’s just about gender equality.”

But while Colbert said he’s “been informed” he’s a feminist, he admitted he has “no idea” what to do as one. “You just have to stay educated, stay sensitive,” Jones told him, adding, “I think you have to know what we go through.”

And so the Harvard-educated actress turned the tables on him, and schooled him with a list of questions female stars are typically asked. That included “Who are you wearing?,” What’s your beauty regimen?,” “With three kids at home, how do you do it all?,” and “Do you think you’re too good-looking to be a late-night host?”

Afterward, Jones pointed out, “You answered all those questions right — unlike a woman. There’s no right answer for a woman.” Colbert then had a bit of a setback, though, with a joke about a Bangkok sex club. Watch below.


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