Randy Jackson Co-Hosts “Live” With Ryan Seacrest – Watch “American Idol” Reunion!

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Randy Jackson Ryan Seacret Live

By Shari Weiss |

Randy Jackson Ryan Seacret Live


There was an “American Idol” reunion on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on Thursday, as Randy Jackson co-hosted with Ryan Seacrest. Check out the video below!

With Kelly Ripa on vacation this week, Seacrest has been joined by various guest co-hosts. While he’s typically paired with a woman, today he was reunited with his “dawg.” And Jackson was excited to be sitting in Ripa’s seat. “I love Kelly,” he exclaimed. “Kelly, wherever you are, yo, what’s up, man?! And Mark [Consuelos], yo, what’s going on?!” He then said to Seacrest, “Ryan, half the band’s back together.”

“I know, I think that’s fun,” Seacrest responded, going on to tell the audience, “We met over 15 years ago.” Jackson said it “seems like yesterday,” prompting his Seacrest to quip, “You’re ageless.” Jackson was taken aback by “throwback Thursday” photos with fellow original “Idol” family members Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, amusingly critiquing them as they appeared on-screen. Reflecting on their “wild” first day, Jackson said, “I remember the first day, we were all like, ‘What is this?’ And you had a friend with you.”

That, of course, was a reference to Seacrest’s season one co-host, Brian Dunkleman. “And we were all sitting there like, ‘Is this really going to work? What is this?’ None of us really new,” Jackson said. Seacrest recalled, “I remember walking in and seeing this guy who had just finished a cigarette, and he strolls in, and his pants were above his navel.. And his shirt, it was from Baby Gap. And I said, ‘This guy is on our show?!'”

“Turns out,” Seacrest noted, Cowell “became a very good friend of ours. He was the reason the show stayed on the air for a very long time.” Jackson added, “Cowell, we love you wherever you are. You should be here with us, man! C’mon!” He joked that the mogul is busy doing a show called “Somebody Still Has Talent in America,” with Seacrest cracking, “It’s nice of him doing those little shows on the side.”

The pair went on to joke about untrue rumors that falsely claimed Jackson would be the one hosting the “Idol” revival. “We’re still the best of friends,” Jackson said. “It’s sort of like a fraternity of sorts. An ‘Idol’ fraternity.” Watch the video below!

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