Rainn Wilson Slams Gorilla Harambe Uproar: ‘Humans Killed By Guns Every Day’

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Rainn Wilson Harambe Gorilla Killed

By Andrew Shuster |

Rainn Wilson Harambe Gorilla Killed

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Rainn Wilson is criticizing the public uproar surrounding the shooting death of Harambe the gorilla, who was killed by Cincinnati Zoo officials after a 3-year-old boy fell into the animal’s enclosure. On Tuesday, the actor expressed outrage that “everyone cares more” about the death of the gorilla than they do about the many Americans who lose their lives to gun violence on a daily basis.

As Gossip Cop reported, Ohio zoo officials decided to fatally shoot the 17-year-old ape that was holding onto a small child who climbed through a barrier and fell 15 feet into the animal’s exhibit. Footage of the incident went viral, and there have been many people protesting on social media, including celebrities. Stars and strangers alike have argued the zoo unnecessarily killed Harambe and could have handled the situation without lethal force.

The gorilla’s shooting has remained one of the biggest news stories after the Memorial Day holiday weekend, leading Wilson to tweet, “Everyone cares more about the Gorilla that was shot than the 31 American HUMANS killed by guns EVERY DAY! #Enough.” The actor also tagged the Brady Campaign, an organization dedicated to preventing gun violence in America, in his message.

Wilson’s heated comment marks the second time in a matter of days that the actor has offered his strong opinion about a controversial topic. As Gossip Cop reported on Friday, mere hours after Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, Wilson tweeted, “Cpt Jack Sparrow is a wife beater,” in reference to Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean character.


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