RadarOnline Can’t Keep Khloe Kardashian Stories Straight

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RadarOnline Khloe Kardashian Stories

By Shari Weiss |

RadarOnline Khloe Kardashian Stories

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Is Khloe Kardashian back with Lamar Odom or is she now planning to date women? If you read RadarOnline, it’s understandable why you might be confused. The webloid can’t keep its stories straight.

RadarOnline blared in a headline on Wednesday, “Divorce Bombshell: Khloe’s Still Hooking Up With Lamar!” Though Kardashian recently re-filed for divorce, a so-called “family insider” was quoted as saying, “It is no secret to Khloe’s sisters and immediate family that she and Lamar still have sex.” The supposed source added that “Khloe cannot make up her mind” on whether to go through with the marriage dissolution.

But here’s a new headline from Thursday: “Girl Talk! Khloe Kardashian Open To Dating Women After String Of Failed Relationships.” In this version, another “insider” was cited, saying, “Khloe’s so disillusioned with men right now — it’s like finding one who’s fun but faithful is impossible. She’s still on the hunt for a new guy, but she’s decided she wants to have a bit of fun and explore her sexuality in the meantime.”

To recap: One day the site is claiming Kardashian is “still hooking up with Lamar,” and the next the outlet is alleging she’s “disillusioned with men” and ready to pursue women. And the new story doesn’t even mention Odom at all.

So was RadarOnline lying on Wednesday or on Thursday? Frankly, probably both. The webloid has continually proven it doesn’t care about accuracy, and rather post sensational stories about celebrities people frequently search for on Google. See below the back-to-back inconsistent headlines, which were posted almost exactly 24 hours apart.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Radar Headline


Khloe Kardashian Women Radar Headline



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