RadarOnline Flip-Flops On Gwen Stefani Being “Pregnant” With “Rock-Hard Abs” Story

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RadarOnline Gwen Stefani Pregnant Flip-Flop

By Shari Weiss |

RadarOnline Gwen Stefani Pregnant Flip-Flop

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After falsely claiming Gwen Stefani was pregnant last month, RadarOnline is now flip-flopping with a story about her “rock-hard abs.” Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on.

In early December, RadarOnline speculated Stefani was having a “holiday baby” with Blake Shelton. “Is she hiding a baby bump from Blake under baggy sweatsuit?” asked the website, which accused the singer of causing “pregnancy rumors.” The story further alleged Stefani was using a pocketbook to “hide her baby bump.” It was even claimed she had “showed a burgeoning belly before” in October.

As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, Stefani did not have a blossoming baby bump in October or December. In the latter instance, her sweatsuit wasn’t even “baggy” and her purse wasn’t directly in front of her stomach, so the contention that she was trying to cause a “distraction” from a secret pregnancy fell, well, flat. The star’s rep even told us that the claims were “nonsense.”

Well, now in late January, the outlet is changing course with a new piece that’s headlined, “Gwen Shows Off Rock-Hard Abs In Teeny Bikini During Beach Getaway With Blake.” Alongside pictures of Stefani and Shelton on a beach in Mexico, the website asserts she “squashed all pregnancy rumors completely when she showed off her perfectly flat belly.” The online publication even exclaims, “No baby there!”

Nowhere, however, does the blog take responsibility for spreading such “pregnancy rumors” in the first place. It doesn’t even acknowledge its prior report at all. To be clear, RadarOnline went from accusing Stefani of sparking speculation she was pregnant to crediting her for ending such theories. In both cases, all she did was walk around and get photographed by paparazzi. It was the site that chose to tie both sets of photos to a nonexistent pregnancy.

And here, the outlet ends by asking readers, “Is the couple preparing to walk down the aisle after the sweet Mexican vacation?” Well, if this was a real publication and with real sources, it should know the answer to that question. But this is the same website that in 2016 made-up a tall tale about Stefani inviting Barack Obama to her supposed wedding. Then in 2017, the blog insisted the nuptials were “on hold” due to Shelton’s alleged drinking.

Of course, there was never any wedding which to invite Obama or postpone. The narratives were completely manufactured, just like these pregnancy ones. It would be nice to see the site own up to that and even apologize to Stefani for the falsehoods, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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