RadarOnline spent Thanksgiving not showing appreciation for its readers or the stars that inspire its stories, but fat-shaming celebrities. The webloid actually put together a photo gallery of famous people it believes are overweight, and timed the publication of it to the holiday. This is gross and shameful on many levels.

The offensive post is titled, "Gobble, Gobble! Hollywood Heavyweights Who Have Packed On The Pounds." It begins, "For some celebrities, 2017 was very good, but a few stars may be putting diet and exercise high up on their New Year's resolutions lists!" Readers are then encouraged to "click through" the photos to "see which Hollywood heavyweights suffered some serious setbacks in the battle of the bulge this year." The first person scrutinized is Rihanna. The site asserts she was "once one of the fittest singers on the planet," but points out she "added some inches in 2017." The outlet then regurgitates its already debunked claims about Rihanna needing a bigger closet to fit her plus-size clothing.

The next star to be maligned for her size is Eva Longoria, whom the online publication falsely claimed was pregnant multiple times this year. Now the blog concludes she must be "desperate to take off the extra pounds she's packed on lately." Men such as Matthew Perry and Chaz Bono are distastefully targeted and body-shamed in this piece as well. The judgmental webloid contends that Bono "may want to make improved fitness and getting rid of all the unhealthy belly fat his New Year's resolution in 2018!"

Even Beyonce, who spent the first half of this year pregnant with twins, is attacked, with the site disgustingly calling out the size of her butt. And, after already body-shaming Tori Spelling last year for gaining weight, the outlet does so again now, despite previously spending years criticizing her for being skinny. Also bad-mouthed for their appearance are John Travolta and Carnie Wilson.

Nothing about this story constitutes journalism. At best, it's clickbait that appeals to people's desires to click through photo galleries of celebrities. At worst, it's an excuse to be needlessly mean and reinforce outdated stereotypes about how a Hollywood star should look. But the size of Beyonce's derriere is no one's business but her own. The measurements of Rihanna's waistline have no bearing on how well she can sing. The amount on the scale doesn't change Bono's effectiveness as an advocate for the LGBT community.

In other words, their worth has nothing to do with the shape of their bodies. And while this content would be objectionable no matter when it was published, that RadarOnline did so on Thanksgiving makes the article all the more repulsive. On a day many spent spreading well-wishes and good cheer, the outlet chose to unjustifiably tear people down. It's all disgraceful.

Our Verdict

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