RadarOnline Flip-Flops On Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce

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RadarOnline Beyonce Divorce Jay Z

By Shari Weiss |

RadarOnline Beyonce Divorce Jay Z

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RadarOnline has been claiming Beyonce and Jay Z are getting divorced for the last month, at least. But Beyonce and Jay Z are not getting divorced, as Gossip Cop has repeatedly and accurately reported. So, what does RadarOnline now do? Flip-flop, of course.

After writing wrong story after wrong story about a supposedly-impending split, the site had the gall to tout an “exclusive” on Monday with the headline, “Revealed: The Truth Behind Beyonce & Jay-Z Cheating Rumors.” The sub-headline further proclaims, “Inside the battling couple’s final decision about their marriage.” And the accompanying story begins, “Divorce rumors have been buzzing around Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z ever since late last year. Now, has exclusively learned the couple has come to a secret arrangement concerning their shaky marriage.”

Oh? “They are never going to get divorced, there’s too much money involved,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “Before, the press was just going with rumors and kept running with it,” continues the source. “And Beyonce and Jay thought it would go away. Now they are feeding into it and using it.”

Wait, you mean the false “rumors” RadarOnline itself “kept running with”? The outlet has arguably been the biggest offender when it comes to Beyonce and Jay Z divorce stories, with multiple articles just last week alleging the couple was on the brink of a breakup. Gossip Cop correctly pointed out the falsities, and now the site is attempting to do damage control by blaming its own poor reporting on the couple themselves. Pathetic.


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