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Radar Online is responsible for some of the most baffling stories that Gossip Cop has had to debunk. It's just not a reliable source for insight into celebrity lives or romances. We've compiled a list of the worst stories we've debunked from the outlet that prove no one should treat it as anything but fiction.

5. Jennifer Aniston bought a private island

Jennifer Aniston scrunches up her face while holding a mic and dressed in a black top

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You hear about celebrities buying crazy things all the time, but an entire island is another matter. Yes, there are a few actors that have managed to buy some isolated isles, but the Friends star is certainly not one of them. Radar Online, in a display of complete ignorance of the actress' life and personality, claimed in December 2018 that Jennifer Aniston had grown tired of luxurious hotels and regular vacations.

The outlet's "insider" then said that she was about to drop millions upon millions of dollars buying her very own landmass so she could fly out friends for the most private of getaways. She "could actually use the tax write-off," the article argued. Radar Online even dragged in her amicable split from Justin Theroux, claiming that she was celebrating the anniversary of their divorce with the island.

It was clearly just an attempt to get attention by roping in one of the most well-loved actresses and painting her as a spoiled elitist. We're sure Jennifer Aniston is very wealthy considering her incredibly successful career, but we're also pretty sure that she's not a Great Gatsby-esque snob.

Plus, her rep confirmed that she wasn't buying an island. In the years since, no other "reports" about the Nation of Aniston have emerged. It's not exactly a subtle purchase, but the outlet seems to have assumed its readers wouldn't fact-check their claim. Unfortunately for the site, we did.

Radar Online dropped this blatantly false story like a bag of rocks and moved onto other stories that straight-up defied known facts about certain celebrities.

4. Ben Affleck ditched his family for a vacay

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner arrive on the red carpet for the 85th Annual Academy Awards

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Ben Affleck's had his struggles, sure. But the actor's been extremely open about his sobriety and efforts to better himself, and after his split from Jennifer Garner, he continued to be the model of an incredible father and co-parent. That simply wasn't good enough for Radar Online.

Instead, the site started swinging at the actor by ignoring both history and reality in a cruel article from last November. The outlet claimed that Ben Affleck would ditch Garner and their kids on Thanksgiving for a relaxing time in the Caribbean.

Much like Jennifer Aniston, it wrote him off as a spoiled actor by saying he felt like he deserved a break after working and thus bailed on his family. Radar Online even threw in some snide remarks about how Jennifer Garner was "done" trying to help him and other callous comments.

The reason this is such an unbelievable rumor is the simple fact that Ben Affleck has always made time for his kids — especially on holidays. He and Garner have taken their kids to a few different destinations for past Thanksgivings, including to Affleck's mother's. It's obviously a special time for the family, and even though the couple is finished romantically, they're still co-parents that rely on and care for one another.

For what it's worth, People reported that Ben Affleck and his ex-wife did indeed spend Thanksgiving together just a few days after Radar Online posted their nasty story. The outlet knew it'd be proven wrong within the week, but it still thought so little of its readers or the truth, that it published the bogus report anyway.

3. Tom Cruise's fitness firing freakout

Tom Cruise in a black shirt waves to his right against a black and white background for Mission: Impossible

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Radar Online took aim at the A-lister last April with what sounded like a juicy story upon first reading it. According to the site's ever-anonymous sources, Tom Cruise was storming around the Mission: Impossible set threatening to fire any cast member that wasn't in peak condition. Since the plan was to film the next to movies in the series back-to-back, it almost made sense that someone as detail-oriented as Cruise would want a crew that could stand up to his level of fitness.

And then with a cursory thought, the story falls apart. For one, Tom Cruise is, by all accounts, incredibly kind on set. His co-stars even mentioned in interviews that he loves to send cake and desserts to cast and crew because he can't eat sweets while training. Cruise just wants to vicariously enjoy a sugary treat, rather than cut off a lot of his coworkers' livelihoods, as the gossip site alleged.

More importantly, there's no legal reality in which a person could go around threatening presumably union jobs over physical appearances. If Tom Cruise was genuinely threatening the hundreds of cast and crew members, then it'd be on the front cover of every legitimate film industry publication, which it wasn't. It most certainly wouldn't just appear on a site that constantly tries to profit off of celebrity drug overdoses or car crashes.

2. Brad Pitt's becoming a beekeeper

Brad Pitt waits for his award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role to be engraved as he attends the 92nd Oscars Governors Ball

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Last July, Radar Online took a single comment from one of the veteran actor's interviews and spun it as one of the silliest rumors Gossip Cop has ever busted. After calling acting a "young man's game," the site somehow assumed that Brad Pitt would leave Hollywood, and get this, he was going to exclusively focus on beekeeping of all things.

Don't get us wrong, beekeeping is a noble profession, but we can't imagine Pitt hanging up acting in exchange for a beekeeper's hood. What's worse is that the outlet even roped Leonardo DiCaprio into the story, claiming that the Revenant actor convinced his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star to create several "bee villas" on his property.

While we understand the appeal of a good Brad Pitt story, we can't understand why an outlet would be so ready to argue that he was on the cusp of retiring from entertainment. He's still got a World War Z sequel to make, and he's producing at least 10 projects that will release throughout the next year or so. He finally won his Oscar with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Pitt back on stage at the Academy Awards in some capacity at the next few ceremonies.

1. Angelina Jolie's spite-filled dying wish

Angelina Jolie in a black dress at the premiere of Disney's "Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil" at the El Capitan Theatre on September 30, 2019 in LA

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This article was a repeat of a National Enquirer cover story, but the fact that the publishers had the gall to throw it online without correcting any of the grievous errors is shameful. As we're sure you know, Angelina Jolie is and has been in perfectly fine health, although Radar Online would have you believe that she was just about to die last April.

It was almost a passing note in the article itself, but the outlet argued that Jolie's health was "failing" somehow. It pointed to her successful 2013 double mastectomy and a previous experience with Bell's Palsy, but other than that, it didn't bother to add any believable details. Considering it's been a year and Jolie's clearly fine, Radar Online looks simply ridiculous — not that it seems to have any shame.

Even worse than falsely proclaiming a woman's impending death, the site threw a few jabs at her as a mother. The bulk of the piece consisted of derogatory references to the actress, calling her "spiteful Angie" for legally changing her name from Jolie-Pitt back to Jolie after her divorce from Brad Pitt. It also claimed that she was cutting all of her children out of her will except for Maddox, who apparently "took her side" in the divorce from Pitt.

In all honesty, it read like it was written by a crazed Brad Pitt fan who hated Angelina Jolie for being involved with the actor in the first place. Regardless, there wasn't a speck of truth in the "report," and even the most casual celebrity fan knows that Jolie cares deeply for all of her children. If a site's output seems driven by dragging a certain celebrity's fame and status down for no good reason, then it's not worth reading. We don't know what Angelina Jolie did to Radar Online, but it's certainly more interested in made-up insults than the truth.

Here's the bottom line, Radar Online

As a matter of fact, we don't know what any of these celebrities did to the gossip site besides simply exist. Personal vendettas are understandable — foolish and cruel, but understandable to some degree. The reality of the situation, unfortunately, simply seems to be that the publication is so desperate for readers that it's willing to drag actors' names through the mud to make a quick buck. The outlet seems fine with calling caring fathers and mothers and genuinely pleasant people cruel names and insulting their families and loved ones.

We totally get that celebrity drama is uniquely fascinating, but stick to reading tell-alls from the stars themselves or watching interviews about some famous feuds. Actually good fake drama can be found on the shelves of your local library — not in the magazine stand of your grocery store on the pages of a celebrity gossip site like Radar Online.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: September 18, 2020