Rachel Lindsay Has NOT “Already Chosen” ‘The Bachelorette’ Winner, Despite Claim

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Winner

By Shari Weiss |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Winner

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Rachel Lindsay has NOT “already chosen” her winner on “The Bachelorette,” despite a sensational claim. Gossip Cop can bust the speculative story.

MediaTakeOut exclaims on Friday, “WELP… It Looks Like The BACHELORETTE… May Have Already Chosen Her PRINCE CHARMING!!” The accompanying story says, “The new Bachelorette may have already found true love. The Bachelorette’s season 13 star Rachel Lindsay was spotted chatting with one of her suitors while riding a horse around a park in Beverly Hills.”

“We’re told that she was spotted smooching with the man in these pics,” writes the site, adding, “He’s cute… you think she’ll CHOOSE HIM???” Well, according to this story, she “may have already chosen” and “may have already found true love.”

But this story is 100 percent wrong. The clueless blog is apparently unaware that “The Bachelorette” isn’t even halfway through filming Lindsay’s season. The photos posted by the webloid are from a one-on-one date that takes place during the third episode. Kissing is fairly standard during these outings, and is in no way an indication that Lindsay has “already chosen” the guy to be her “prince charming.”

There’s many more dates for Lindsay to go on, including a number of which will take place out of Los Angeles and overseas. It’s also worth noting that even MediaFakeOut’s own readers knew the site was peddling a false tale. “MTO what ya talking about?! The show is still being filmed. They’re clearly on a ‘date.’ Why is this a story?” asked one commenter, while another said, “They’re filming the show now soooo, how is he the guy she picked?”

The outlet doesn’t even know the name of the guy in question, and, frankly, neither does Gossip Cop. But with more than half the season still left to shoot, we do know Lindsay has absolutely NOT “already chosen” the winner.

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