R. Kelly Walks Out Of “HuffPost Live” Interview — WATCH VIDEO HERE

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R. Kelly Walks Out HuffPost Live Video

By Shari Weiss |

R. Kelly Walks Out HuffPost Live Video

(Huffington Post)

R. Kelly walked out of his “HuffPost Live” interview on Monday. Watch below.

The controversial performer was on the program to promote his new album The Buffet, and his sit-down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani seemed to get off to an okay start. The pair discussed the record, Kelly’s collaboration with his daughter, and his long career. Things started to become a little awkward when Modarressy-Tehrani noted The Buffet isn’t selling as well as previous offerings, and pressed the Grammy winner about the lack of support.

Kelly argued that illegal downloads are to blame, with consumers looking to get music for free, but Modarressy-Tehrani responded by noting that some fans are “conflicted” on supporting him musically given the seedy allegations and lawsuits that have dogged his career. “F*ck that,” responded the performer, pointing out that he can’t “please” everyone.

Nearly nine minutes into the interview, Kelly was still addressing the issue, and became upset when Modarressy-Tehrani tried to cut him off to ask a follow-up question. He went on to defend his longevity, saying his fans are the only ones who can “fire” him, but the two began talking over each other, both trying to make their own points. The host even asked to stop, saying they were “speaking past each other.”

Kelly, however, defensively continued, telling Modarressy-Tehrani, “I didn’t come here for negative… I’m going to sit here and talk to you like the beautiful lady you are, and I’m gonna talk to you with respect, and I’m gonna let you know that any other negative things come at me out of your mouth as far as negativity, I’m gonna get up, and I’m gonna walk out and I’m gonna go to McDonald’s.”

Modarressy-Tehrani told Kelly it would be his “prerogative to leave,” and that he absolutely could if he wanted to, and he in turn kept threatening to do just that. She then tried to change the subject, noting the star’s sexual lyrics, and asking if he has a “healthy relationship with sex.” Kelly responded, “I did not come here to get interrogated. I didn’t come here for a deposition. Do you know what a deposition is?”

He accused Modarressy-Tehrani of “disrespecting” him, and questioned her “level of intelligence,” all the while saying he “respected” that she had a “job to do.” Kelly then said she could ask “one more question,” and the dispute started all over again. “I love them all,” the singer said of his fans, “and I love you, too.” Modarressy-Tehrani quickly responded, “You don’t have to give me any of your love, sir.”

Now 17 minutes after the chat started, Kelly started taking off his microphone, declaring the interview “over.” They uncomfortably thanked each other, and he again told Modarressy-Tehrani she’s “very beautiful.” “You don’t have to comment on my appearance, sir,” she responded as Kelly walked off the set.

Check out the entire segment in the video below. TELL US: Was Kelly or Modarressy-Tehrani in the wrong here? NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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