Queen NOT Retiring For Prince William, Kate Middleton To Have “Christmas Coronation”

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Queen elizabeth Retiring William Kate Christmas Coronation

By Shari Weiss |

Queen elizabeth Retiring William Kate Christmas Coronation

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Queen Elizabeth is not retiring for Prince William and Kate Middleton to have a “Christmas coronation.” There is absolutely no truth to this claim, which stems from an Australian tabloid. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Both in its print edition and on its website, New Idea alleges there was a “series of crisis meetings in the palace this week” to address the “unprecedented support for Prince William to step in as the Queen’s next successor” amid his father Prince Charles’ poor approval ratings. A so-called “top palace source” is quoted as saying, “At this stage, the Queen is planning a Christmas coronation for William and Kate. Preparations are afoot to announce their rise to the throne by the end of December. The Queen wants to star[t] 2018 in a positive way so they can turn the opinion polls around.”

A purported “palace courtier” also supposedly claims to the magazine, “The Queen has always been nervous of handing the reins to Charles and Camilla — her preferences has always been to make William and Kate the next king and queen, as she really feels they’re the future of the monarchy.” But no authentic “palace source” or “palace courtier” would be permitted to speak with a gossip magazine, even anonymously.

Furthermore, if legitimate details about Queen Elizabeth planning to have Prince William and Middleton crowned by the end of this year really were leaking, it would be international news. Yet these claims are originating with a publication from Down Under, one that has already proven to have a penchant for running unsubstantiated allegations about the royals, such as a made-up “wedding and baby” announcement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just last week.

It’s also worth noting that, like New Idea, the American tabloids are also seemingly obsessed with the future of the monarchy. Last week’s Life & Style, for example, featured a fabricted cover story about Queen Elizabeth naming Prince William and Middleton king and queen. As Gossip Cop has always rightly said, any real change in succession and any real plans for retirement will not be broken by the gossip media.

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