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A new report alleging Queen Elizabeth was upset with Prince Harry for sitting on the floor and kneeling at a physically challenged children's charity event is fake news. Gossip Cop looked into the story, and the entire claim is fabricated. It appears the National Enquirer was too busy making up the phony tale that it completely ignored the real facts, which will shock you. A royal insider was so disgusted by the tabloid's article and its twisting of reality that we couldn't even get a comment.

First Gossip Cop will present the magazine's story, and then afterwords we will present the truth. We have no doubt that after reading the real account, you will be nothing less than outraged by the supermarket tabloid's report.

The headline of the publication's piece reads, "Queen to Prince Harry: Get Off Your Royal Rump!" The article then begins, "Queen Elizabeth is up in arms over grandson Prince Harry having the chutzpah to publicly plant his blue-blooded bum on the floor and sit at the foot of her subjects!" An either completely ill-informed or more likely concocted "palace tipster" allegedly tells the often discredited outlet, "The Queen's been lenient with her New Age grandkids, but she finally lost her cool when Prince Harry kneeled down to chat with a mum and her young daughter at a recent charity event." The same almost assuredly fictitious source adds, "Harry's traditional granny was appalled and lectured him that commoners should never sit higher than a member of the royal family!" The tabloid ends it inaccurate and wildly insensitive report by asking, "Think he got grounded?"

Clearly, the magazine didn't bother to gather the facts about the "recent charity event" or about the "mum and her young daughter," who also weren't named. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the entire story, and we have no doubt you'll be repulsed by the magazine. The facts surrounding the picture below is that Prince Harry was at the WellChild Awards on October 16 at the Royal Lancaster hotel in London, where he met with the Inspirational Child award winners.

Among the "amazingly brave group" kids, as Prince Harry called them, was a 13-year-old girl named Sasha Burrell. She's a real person and shouldn't be the punchline for a fake news story. Nearly two years ago, when she was celebrating her 12th birthday, Sasha started to have a problem breathing. Shortly after she arrived at King's College Hospital in London it was discovered that she had sepsis, which can quickly lead to organ failure and death. While in the hospital, Sasha suffered cardiac arrest and also had to have both her legs amputated. Thankfully alive a month later, Sasha, who was adopted from Russia by the Burrells, received two prosthetic legs.

Prince Harry sat on the floor at the WellChild Awards, so that he could be at eye-level and put at ease Sasha and the other children who have suffered and still battle debilitating as well as life-threatening ailments. The Queen was not "up in arms" nor "appalled" that her grandson rest his "blue-blooded bum" on the ground to meet with kids overcoming adversity. Nor did she lose her cool or lecture Prince Harry, as made up by the Enquirer.

The supermarket tabloid ignored the real story to instead toil in ground in which it's seemingly familiar, namely fake news. If anyone should be "up in arms" or "appalled," it's the magazine's readers, who were presented with a made-up negative article when the facts were heartwarming and inspiring. Gossip Cop tried to get a comment from one of our impeccable royal insiders, but because the tabloid's story is so horrifically untrue, they wouldn't even dignify the magazine with a comment.

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(National Enquirer/Getty Images)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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