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Does Queen Elizabeth want Prince William to seize the throne from his father Prince Charles? That's the claim in one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this work of fiction, which is pretending to be journalism.

According to the frequently discredited National Enquirer, Prince William has "saved the monarchy." The supermarket tabloid contends the "Duke of Cambridge snatched the throne from his father, Prince Charles," with the blessing of the queen. The magazine further states, "Now, Charles, Prince Harry and his American-born wife, Meghan, have officially been declared threats to the Crown, and moves are being made to strip them of their titles."

Despite it all being pure insanity that hasn't been reported anywhere else by legitimate outlets, Gossip Cop will relate more of the publication's premise before fully ripping it apart below. A so-called "royal courtier," who almost assuredly is made up, is quote as saying in bizarrely unnatural language, "Charles, who is accused of murdering William's mother, Diana, is likely to be exiled along with Harry, his wife and their newborn son, Archie." "Her Majesty intends to abdicate before year's end" and will make the "bold move" of having her grandson, Prince William, ascend the throne instead of Prince Charles, adds the alleged "insider."

The bogus source continues in equally fake verbiage, "Now 70, [Prince Charles has] been king-in-waiting-for over six decades. He's been pushing his mother to declare him her successor, telling Her Majesty William is too young and inexperienced." The seemingly make-believe source goes on to maintain, "In a shocking showdown at Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth told her oldest child he is OUT, and that William will be Britain's next king." Queen Elizabeth supposedly said, "William is everything Charles isn't," asserts the tabloid, without explaining how or why she passed over her son and his birthright to the crown.

Toward the end of the wholly fabricated cover story, the anonymous source alleges the queen thinks Prince Charles is "going senile." "In her eyes, Charles is unfit to rule. But she has complete confidence in William and Kate." "Her Majesty's time may be short, but you can be sure her wishes will be taken care of before she's gone," concludes the unquestionably phony tipster.

There is so much in the article that is factually and provably wrong, it's difficult to decide where to begin with debunking this utter nonsense. For starters, contrary to the outlet's claim, the queen has complete confidence in Prince Charles. In fact, Queen Elizabeth said in her toast to the Prince of Wales at his 70th birthday party in November that he was "a dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history."

She's also had him stand in for her for at a number of official duties and royal functions, including hosting a garden party this past Wednesday for individuals who were recognized for their public service. And in April 2018, Queen Elizabeth threw her support behind Prince Charles by urging the leaders of the Commonwealth to have eventually take over as it head, which they then voted in favor of.

As Gossip Cop has mentioned before, besides having no interest in playing with the order of succession, the queen can't just declare her grandson the next king. It would have to be done through Parliament. Under the Settlement Act of 1701, the legislative branch (and not the ruling monarch) would have to enact a new law that changes the rules of succession, which basically state the oldest heredity heir ascends the throne following the death of his or her father or mother, the king or queen. Now that we've outlined the facts for why this narrative is both implausible and insane, let's focus a little more on the tabloid's fiction.

It's odd the magazine claims Her Majesty believes Prince Charles is "senile," because the same outlet clearly forgot how just two months ago it swore up and down Queen Elizabeth has dementia, and has already made Prince Williams and Kate Middleton the next king and queen. What's also not addressed in this new article is how the publication insisted more than a year ago (once again) that Prince William and Middleton were crowned king and queen in a secret succession, and it was going to be announced in the summer of 2018.

You know what also didn't happen? A slew of other stories from the Enquirer about the royals, including how Queen Elizabeth booted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family. Not only did Gossip Cop rightly correct that tall tale two months ago, but the queen herself dispelled the false report when she was beaming next to Prince Harry and Markle at Windsor Castle, where she happily met baby Archie two days after her great-grandson's birth.

The tabloid never really fully explains why Queen Elizabeth would want Prince William to seize the throne from Prince Charles. Equally significantly, its claims about Her Majesty wanting to skip over her son in favor of her grandson are provably untrue and not grounded in reality or British law. Lastly, the magazine has a track record for publishing lies about the royals and its latest cover story is yet another example.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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