Queen Elizabeth Telling Prince Harry To Stop Partying?

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Queen elizabeth Prince Harry Partying

By Shari Weiss |

Queen elizabeth Prince Harry Partying

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Queen Elizabeth telling Prince Harry to stop partying? A new report claims the royal is worried about her grandson. Gossip Cop, however, can poke holes in the story.

The allegation can be found in the pages of this week’s Life & Style, which announces, “It’s a royal decree: Queen Elizabeth II has told Prince Harry to put an end to his hard-partying days.” According to the magazine, the queen has “complained” to Harry about being unwed, and said he needs to “tame his wild side.” A so-called “insider” explains that the queen believes he “should be married by now, or at least in a stable relationship.”

The outlet goes on to note, “The queen has even called on Harry’s bro, William, to step in.” The supposed source says, “She calls William the ‘sensible one’ and she hopes he can convince Harry to calm his ways before it’s too late.” Referring to nude photos of Harry that leaked back in 2012, the alleged tipster adds, “The queen is still mortified about it. Harry still has booze-fueled last-night benders and she worries he’ll do something foolish again.”

But if this story seems like it’s coming out of nowhere, that’s because it is. Prince Harry has largely rehabilitated and reformed his image over the last few years, increasing his royal duties and expanding his charitable endeavors with events like the Invictus Games. He was certainly considered “wild” for a time, but the magazine’s contentions that “Harry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down” and the queen is “not amused” are both simply not true.

On the contrary, Gossip Cop hears Queen Elizabeth is quite proud of her grandson and the man he’s become. It’s also rather hard taking Life & Style seriously when it has spent years insisting Kate Middleton and the queen are locked in a feud. It’s long past time the tabloid finds better royal sources.

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