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Has Queen Elizabeth ordered Prince Charles to divorce his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles? That's the outrageous claim being made in one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop has looked into it, and there's no truth whatsoever to the wild report.

According to the Globe, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have "secretly filed divorce papers," and it's because the queen "ordered it" since she "wants all family scandals resolved before she dies." The supermarket tabloid even maintains it has a "palace source" who relates, "Elizabeth told her son, 'It's over!' and ordered him to divorce 'that sharp-tongued shrew.'" But Bowles "won't go quietly," adds the seemingly made-up tipster.

The so-called "source" contends the Duchess of Cornwall is "demanding all the divorce details be made public" because she wants "the world to know exactly what went on behind closed palace doors." The highly creative or possibly make-believe leaker alleges a "panic-stricken" and "nearly suicidal" Prince Charles is "begging the court to keep the proceedings confidential to avoid more shocking scandal and embarrassment." "This could bring down the monarchy," dramatically declares the almost assuredly manufactured insider.

The habitually discredited tabloid further asserts that "according to secret documents," Bowles wants a divorce settlement of $213 million. It goes on to say that in her court petition, "Camilla is citing 'unreasonable behavior,' and Charles is terrified she'll spill her guts and bare all his dirty secrets." After the purported "insider" notes how Bowles "knows where all the bodies are buried," the questionable "source" then makes a slew of allegations that Gossip Cop won't repeat because the magazine cannot prove any of them, and some of which are criminal in nature.

Following the litany of eyebrow-raising claims, the publication states, "Any of that evidence would be enough to grant the divorce." To recap, Bowles is "citing 'unreasonable behavior'" in her divorce filing, and she supposedly has a lot of dirt on Prince Charles, if he doesn't pony up the $213 million. Astoundingly, in the midst of all of that, the outlet appears to have forgotten that it's premise isn't that the Duchess of Cornwall initiated the divorce, but rather that Queen Elizabeth "ordered" it. Whoops.

Also, if Her Majesty would like the royal family's "scandals resolved before she dies," why would she order Prince Charles to divorce Bowles, which will incite the duchess to "expose all the skeletons in the royal closets"? It doesn't even make sense.

In addition to that sloppiness, there's so much more that's disputable. For instance, no "palace source" would refer informally to Her Majesty as just "Elizabeth" or the Prince of Wales as simply "Charles." More incredibly, the frequently disproven publication would like its readers to believe it's the only outlet in the world to have obtained these "secret documents" and learned about the royal divorce. Of course, if you believe any of that, Gossip Cop would like to also sell you the London Bridge.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story, and while our source was unable to comment on the record, that individual's laughter essentially told us everything we needed to know about whether or not Queen Elizabeth "ordered" Prince Charles to divorce Bowles. Almost as comical as its tale is the tabloid's timing. Far from separating, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were just photographed together on a beach in Barbados during their 12-day trip to the Caribbean.

Actually, in the queen's toast to Prince Charles on his 70th birthday in November, she made a point of highlighting their marriage and partnership. After calling her son a "respected heir to the throne" and "a wonderful father," Her Majesty quite deliberately included, "Most of all, sustained by his wife Camilla, he is his own man, passionate and creative." Those are hardly the words of someone who's "ordered" a divorce.

Lastly, the publication's track record when it comes to the royals is terrible. Just last month, for example, Gossip Cop busted the supermarket tabloid when it absurdly claimed Bowles got drunk and attacked Queen Elizabeth. It's also the same outlet that photoshopped images for another cover story that untruthfully alleged Queen Elizabeth collapsed when hearing Prince Philip had cancer, a contention that's never been confirmed by any reputable media organization.

That phony narrative must have sold well for the magazine because four months later it similarly reported Queen Elizabeth collapsed after Meghan Markle started a royal war over Christmas. That bogus tale not only featured more photoshopped pictures, but it was also written and on newsstands in advance of Christmas. Interestingly, in the new article it's mentioned how the Duke of Wales "fears" he'll "never be king" if Bowles exposes him, yet three months ago the tabloid's cover story swore up and down that Prince William had seized the throne after accusing Prince Charles of murder.

Also, while the magazine's current piece rattles off a number of supposed scandals, it neglects to bring up how just a few weeks ago Prince Charles disowned Prince Harry after DNA testing showed he's not his real father. Of course, not one of those stories were true, and neither is the new one (below). It appears the Globe favors fiction over facts when it comes to the royal family.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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