William Kate King Queen November 2017

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Queen Elizabeth has not named Prince William and Kate Middleton the new king and queen, contrary to a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can explain how this is merely another version of the same narrative that one magazine has been falsely spreading for years.

In fact, Life & Style twice claimed in August that Prince William and Kate Middleton were named the next king and queen of England. The publication asserted it was "confirmed" and that it had the "official announcement." In actuality, nothing was confirmed and nothing was officially announced. It was all a fabrication. And now just a few short months later, the tabloid is back to peddling creative fiction.

Inside the new issue, a made-up headline wrongly announces, "After A Royal Battle For The Throne, William & Kate Named King & Queen." According to the manufactured storyline, the nonexistent "announcement from her royal highness only came after an epic 'Game of Thrones'-type battle" with Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. A so-called "friend" claims to the outlet that the Duchess of Cornwall was "fuming" when she found out her husband would be passed over. A purported "royals insider" contends that led Charles to "confront his mother about the situation."

"The queen has made it clear that she wants William to be king. She thinks Charles is too unpopular with the public," a supposed "palace insider" is further quoted as saying. The aforementioned "friend," however, maintains Camilla was so mad, she called up Middleton and "didn't hold back." This purported pal asserts to the publication, "Kate was taken aback. She was really embarrassed and just told Camilla, 'It's not up to me.'" The seemingly fictitious "friend" adds, "Charles and Camilla can fight all they want, but they are going to have accept it."

The tabloid seems to think citing a "friend," "royals insider" and "palace insider" lends credence to its article. But the magazine actually shows it has no credibility whatsoever when it writes that Middleton is "expecting twin girls." As Gossip Cop has already reported, and Kensington Palace confirmed, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with just one baby. But the outlet is perpetuating its twins lie, just like it has been carrying on for months and years about Prince William and Middleton being named the next king and queen.

As we have always rightly said, Life & Style will not be the outlet that breaks the news if and when the couple ever gets this "major promotion." In fact, Kensington Palace told Gossip Cop as much when we inquired about this cover story. What the publication is doing is publishing the same royal fantasy over and over again, only slightly altering it each time. But the fact that the tabloid keeps repeating the untrue assertions without any independent confirmation shows how made-up the narratives are.

If William and Kate were really announced as king and queen in August, as previously claimed, the magazine wouldn't be acting now like it's a new decision. In truth, it was all rubbish then and it still is now. Once again, a Kensington Palace spokesperson says the American tabloid's premise has no merit. Even more embarrassing, though, is that just yesterday legitimate outlets like Newsweek reported Prince Charles is taking on more of the queen's duties. Take a look at a variety of similarly made-up "king and queen" covers from the tabloids below.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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