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Queen Elizabeth has not "banned" the Obamas from attending the royal wedding. While guests for the upcoming event have yet to be be revealed, it is not true the Queen has "personally blocked Michelle and Barack Obama from being invited." Gossip Cop can bust this fake news story.

According to the disreputable Neon Nettle, "The Queen took offense when she realized that Michelle Obama was attempting to 'sneak' a place for herself and her husband on the guest list. This lack of etiquette didn't go down to well [sic] with the head of the royal family and led to a humiliating response for the Obamas." But it's obvious right away that this article doesn't pass the smell test as it refers to the "royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markel next year." Meghan Markle's first and last names are both misspelled.

Still, it's alleged that following Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, "the Obamas saw a window of opportunity to edge their way into the elite circle that would be attending the exclusive wedding, like a couple of desperate kids trying to hang with the popular crowd at school." The site maintains that "Barack made a [Twitter] post within seconds of the news coming out, which served the purpose of letting the royals know that he and Michelle were angling for an invitation to the wedding of the year."

In actuality, Barack posted his Twitter congratulations several hours after the engagement was announced, with roughly half a day having passed by before he commented. Regardless, it's alleged that the former president only tweeted his congratulations to garner attention on social media so that "Prince Harry and the royal family were likely to see it and a seat at the high table was surely on the cards."

From there the dubious outlet contends that "while Barack was busy posting desperate tweets and secretly sending DMs to get on the coveted guest list, Michelle did something far worse to shove the Trumps aside and ensure her spot." The online publication points to a Page Six article about Michelle taking a jab at Donald Trump over his Twitter habits and also speaking about having dinner with the Queen during an event in Canada. According to the website known for its fake news, the former first lady only did so because it served the "passive-aggressive purpose of saying that Donald Trump wasn't fit for her guest list, but that she should get a spot since she loves the Queen so much."

During that brief mention of Queen Elizabeth at the speaking engagement, Michelle amusingly recalled touching the royal, which is usually frowned upon. Neon Nettle now asserts that "the moment she bullied her way into a hug and pushed the Queen toward a chair was the moment that the Queen decided there was to be no place for Michelle or Barack Obama at the wedding, The Guardian reported." But The Guardian did not report any such thing. What the British publication actually wrote about in 2009 was the Queen and Michelle sharing a half-hug. That was eight years ago. There's been no follow-up story suggesting that because of that light-hearted incident, the Obamas are unwelcome at Prince Harry's wedding. And, as seen in the photo above, the Queen welcomed the Obamas to Windsor Castle as recently as 2016.

Still, the webloid concludes, "The Queen does what she wants and by kicking desperate Michelle Obama off the guest list, and extending an invitation to Donald and Melania Trump instead, she showed she is no-one's fool." In reality, there's been no indication that the Trumps have received an invitation or that they will. So let's recap the facts versus fiction in this crazy story: It's claimed Barack tried to get an invite by tweeting "within seconds" of the engagement announcement. He actually didn't tweet for roughly 12 hours.

It's alleged Michelle was trying to score an invite by talking about the Queen at an event, but that The Guardian reported that due to a past faux pas, she would not be invited. The Guardian never actually reported any such thing. It's asserted that the Obamas were banned from the guest list and the Trumps have invited. Kensington Palace hasn't actually announced any invitees. In sum, this article is filled with provably false information and unsupported claims, on top of the embarrassing butchering of Markle's name. It's the epitome of fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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