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Queen Elizabeth II did not "get revenge" on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at a recent appearance. A tabloid story claiming she did is wrong. Gossip Cop has investigated the report.

Prince Harry and Markle recently returned to England from Canada to participate in Commonwealth Day. The event was the last official duty for the couple before they set out on their own path as non-working members of the royal family. The National Enquirer jumped on the opportunity to make up a story about the queen getting her "revenge" on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that has no basis in reality.

The bogus article quotes a supposed "high-level courtier" as saying, "Her Majesty's message is clear - Harry and Meghan are OUT!" This dubious source goes on to say, "The queen commanded Harry and Meghan to join the family for their last appearance as working royals," adding, "But in a humiliating snub, she cut them out of the procession. They were forced to walk to their seats - and were relegated to the second row, behind the queen, Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince William and Kate."

This supposed "snub," according to the questionable courtier, greatly upset Markle. The tipster claims, "Meghan was furious - this was a huge blow to her ego. I'm told her first reaction was to refuse to attend! She demanded to know why William and Kate - who Meghan can't stand! - were walking with the queen but not them." This unreliable source concludes by saying, "When Harry protested, she retorted 'I AM sick - sick of your family!"

As usual, the tabloid is likely counting on Americans not being familiar with the customs of the royal family on occasions like this. The story is complete nonsense. Here's what really happened at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London: the queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the head of the Church of England, processed into the service with Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowls, the Duchess of Cornwall, right behind her.

Queen Elizabeth then sat down in the front row alongside Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Beside Prince Charles was Prince William and Kate Middleton, both of whom were already seated. Prince William is, of course, second in line for the throne. Prince William and Middleton did not proceed in with the queen, as the article claims.

While it's true that Prince Harry and Markle were seated in the second row, it wasn't a "snub" as the phony report suggests. It is the exact same seating arrangement as last year. The only difference is that instead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being seated next to Prince Andrew, they were seated next to the queen's youngest son, Prince Edward. Prince Andrew has not been participating in official events in the wake of the Jeffery Epstein scandal.

That is, in fact, the only difference between this year's service and last year's. Any claim that Markle was upset is ridiculous, as she is well aware of the royal protocol. Prince Harry, as he is sixth in line for the throne and unlikely to ever become king, doesn't sit up front like his father and his brother, both of whom will be king one day. At the conclusion of the service, the queen led the family out of the abbey. She was followed first by Prince Charles and Parker Bowls, then Prince William and Middleton, then Prince Harry and Markle. The same order as last year.

The Enquirer often counts on a lack of knowledge about royal protocol when it writes fictitious stories about the royal family. The outlet has been busted numerous times by Gossip Cop for false allegations about who will be the next king of England. The stories are full of misinformation and outright falsehoods about how the laws in the United Kingdom work when it comes to succession.

The paper is also known for often making up untrue claims about Markle and Prince Harry, especially their relationship with Prince Harry's grandmother. Last year, Gossip Cop debunked a story claiming Queen Elizabeth had "booted" Prince Harry and Markle out of the royal family. This was long before the couple announced they were stepping down as senior members of the family, something the queen did her best to avoid happening. She certainly never kicked them out, as the article falsely contented.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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