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Queen Elizabeth II is not handing over the throne to Kate Middleton. This is just another false tabloid storyline about the royals. Gossip Cop can clarify the situation.

In an article this week, Woman's Day is claiming that Queen Elizabeth II has informed her son and heir-apparent, Prince Charles, that she is changing the line succession. According to what the outlet calls a "royal insider," the queen spoke to her son just prior to the two attending the opening of the U.K. Parliament together.

A so-called insider tells the tabloid, "Apparently, right before they arrived, the queen revealed her big plan to reshape the monarchy after a year of their reputation taking a beating. She knows the future of the family lies with William and Kate, rather than Charles who never has fully had the support of their subjects. In so many words, she was telling him he should prepare to step aside for his son and daughter-in-law."

If the publication's source were truly a "royal insider," as it claims, that insider would certainly understand the laws regarding succession. The queen does not get to pick and choose who follows her as sovereign. There are a number of British laws that determine the heir. The queen, having no constitutional authority, does not have the ability to change those laws on a whim. Prince Charles is the legal heir to the throne and that would only change if Parliament voted him out or if Prince Charles himself abdicated, neither of which is likely to happen.

The paper's dubious source also claims, "The queen seriously doubts Charles has the [ability] to run the family." That's also untrue. In reality, Queen Elizabeth has been handing off more duties to the Prince of Wales as she gets older. At 93-years-old, the queen has understandably been lessening her royal obligations, and Prince Charles has picked up many of those on her behalf. Escorting her to the opening of Parliament is a perfect example of this, something Prince Charles first did in 2013. Clearly she sees him as capable of the job.

Due to an agreement struck when Prince William married Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, the duchess will not become queen, as most wives of kings do. Instead, Middleton will be the next queen when her husband, Prince William, ascends to the throne, after Prince Charles. Simply put, Middleton will in fact be the next queen of England, but not because Queen Elizabeth says so - because the law does.

The "insider" appears to not understand British law, further alleging, "Charles has been watching his mother age and preparing for his shining moment, finally. Now to have her land on the news that she intends to include William and Kate more in her succession plan, was a bitter pill to swallow." The royal insider is more likely a royal idiot.

The tabloids are either willfully ignorant of the laws of succession or determined to trick readers on the subject. Last week, the Globe published a story claiming Prince Charles had seized the crown from Queen Elizabeth. Again, the throne is not his to "seize," as there are multiple laws that determine these things, regardless of what Charles wants - and there is no indication he would ever do that to his mother. As badly as the tabloids want the royal family to be more like a real-life Game of Thrones, the facts don't allow it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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