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A new magazine reports Queen Elizabeth is "suffering from dementia" and has named Prince William and Kate Middleton the next king and queen of England. It's further claimed Her Majesty decided to bypass her son, Prince Charles, during a "rare moment of clarity." The entire premise, however, is absurd and provably wrong.

Once again, the National Enquirer has returned to its bizarre plot about Queen Elizabeth throwing "protocol out the window and... deciding to skip a generation and name her favorite grandson instead of her oldest son as the next monarch." The supermarket tabloid asserts it has a "palace insider" who maintains the queen has long felt "Charles lacked the fortitude to rule." The same supposed royal tipster adds, "William has strength and discipline to lead... The people like him and say he's more genuine than his father ever was."

After the alleged source notes how Middleton will make an excellent queen because of her "compassion and composure," the magazine contends "decisive Elizabeth has even gone as far as officially passing the crown to William in a secret ceremony." What's more, claims the tabloid's seemingly fabricated source, Her Majesty has "ordered [Prince Charles] to leave England and settle outside the U.K." The "distraught" Prince of Wales is "taking the news very hard," concludes the highly suspect "insider."

With readers paying nearly $5 for the tabloid's cover story, the least Gossip Cop can do is break down whether it's true or not. The simple answer is it's one lie piled upon another. For starters, Her Majesty is not "suffering from dementia." And it should be abundantly clear from the Queen's Christmas message, which she delivered just a few weeks ago, that she's entirely lucid. In fact, the magazine even contradicts itself when it later states how the queen was clear-minded and "decisive" while tapping Prince William as the next king.

Among the outlet's other questionable contentions, in no particular order, is that the publication maintains the "British monarch summoned Charles to Buckingham Palace to deliver the most devastating news of his life [that] he'll never be king." However, the magazine went to print on Monday, and Queen Elizabeth boarded a train from her country estate in Sandringham to London that day. Basically, there would have been a very small window, if any, for her to have met Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace and for the supermarket tabloid to get its story, write it up, and send it to its printer.

And while the magazine insists Prince Charles was "distraught" and "taking the news very hard" when finding out he would not only never be king, but was also being "ordered" to flee Great Britain, hours after that purported Buckingham Palace meeting, he was spotted in public looking very happy. A quick scan of the Clarence House Twitter feed from then shows Prince William smiling while visiting the Institute of Irish Studies and other places (several hours outside of London) in Liverpool.

More significantly, as Gossip Cop has noted before, Her Majesty can't just make a decision to "skip a generation" and make Prince William the next king of England. Under the rules of royal succession, as set forth in the Settlement Act of 1701, the oldest heir is automatically next in line to the throne and any deviance would require Parliament to enact a law. Notwithstanding how the latest tale contravenes 300-year-old statutes, in the queen's toast at the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday party in November, she made clear how she believes her oldest son is the right person to lead the nation after she's gone. Queen Elizabeth called Prince Charles a "dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history."

Also earlier in 2018, far from believing he "lack[s] the fortitude to rule," Queen Elizabeth threw her total support behind Prince Charles becoming the next head of the Commonwealth, a collection of 53 countries that were mostly former British territories. In her speech urging other world leaders to choose her son, Her Majesty expressed it was her "sincere wish that the Commonwealth... will decide that one day the Prince of Wales should carry on the important work started by my father in 1949."

It should be apparent by now the outlet's entire premise is one giant lie. Notably, it's not a new one either. In fact, 11 months ago, the same often discredited publication ran a very similar cover story with the headline, "William and Kate Crowned King & Queen."

For years, the Enquirer and its sister publications have been pushing this false narrative. Gossip Cop busted Star, for example, last September when it also claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton were being crowned the next king and queen. And in November 2017, we nailed Life & Style when it untruthfully stated Queen Elizabeth named Prince William and Kate Middleton "King & Queen."

Actually, Gossip Cop has been correcting these reports about Queen Elizabeth turning over the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton since 2015. Each of these bogus cover stories were wrong back then, and they're no more true today. While Buckingham Palace, as a matter of policy, doesn't officially comment on these types of tabloid tales, we've been assured in the past they're completely inaccurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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