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Queen Elizabeth collapsed after Prince Philip was recently diagnosed with cancer, according to a new tabloid cover story. But while photos are presented to support this premise, it's all a big, shameful deception. Gossip Cop can reveal the pictures are several years old and have nothing at all to do with Prince Philip's health.

This fake-out comes from the Globe, which announces "the end" for Prince Philip on its cover, claiming he only has "90 days to live." The front of the issue features three photos meant to substantiate the contention that Queen Elizabeth is "devastated by grief." As seen above, the first shows the queen standing upright, then an arrow points to the second photo in which she appears to be falling over, and then another arrow points to an image of an ambulance. "Queen Collapses Over Cancer Diagnosis," blares the cover line.

The same images are featured inside the issue, where a similar headline declares, "Devastated Queen Collapses After Hearing Hubby's Cancer Diagnosis." The article begins by contending that Prince Philip is "dying," and that "his royal wife of 70 years is beside herself with grief and collapsed in public after an aide told her the grim news." A so-called "palace courtier" alleges the queen "literally collapsed in shock" at a garden party.

The magazine goes on to contend she was "treated at the scene and rushed to a hospital for a full medical checkup." Naturally, the name of the hospital isn't given, nor is it even said specifically when this purported incident took place. Still, the unidentifiable source maintains that upon hearing of her husband's supposed illness, "Elizabeth gasped — and simply fainted. She fell forwards in a heap. Her bodyguards rushed to her side — and kept the other guests at bay until a medical team arrived."

It should be noted that no one who works for Buckingham Palace would ever dare to call the queen only by her first name of "Elizabeth." Along the same lines, no palace staffer would ever discuss her or her husband's medical status with a gossip outlet. And aside from the unverified comments from this anonymous "courtier," the only proof the publication has to substantiate this narrative is the aforementioned photos. But the tabloid is lying about when and where the pictures were taken.

The photos are from Queen Elizabeth's 2011 trip to Ireland, where she planted a tree at the president's residence. It marked her first ever state visit to Ireland, and received much media attention at the time. The tree-planting took place on the first day of the queen's trip, and pictures show she was bending over to shovel dirt. But for the imagery now used on the magazine's cover and issue the issue, the Globe digitally removed the shovel from her hands, and used additional photoshopping to remove all signs of the context in which the pictures were taken.

To be clear, Queen Elizabeth was not collapsing but taking part in a ceremonial tree-planting. And these photos were snapped more than seven years ago. Whatever the state of Prince Philip's health, which Buckingham Palace generally declines to reveal, the outlet is selling readers an outright lie when it claims these are photographs of Queen Elizabeth collapsing over his supposed cancer diagnosis.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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