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Queen Elizabeth collapsed after Meghan Markle started a royal "family war" over the holidays, claims a new tabloid cover story. But Gossip Cop can prove the article is one giant fabrication. For instance, the photos featuring the queen bent over, used to support the magazine's report, are not only more than seven years old, but they're also photoshopped and completely unrelated to Markle.

The made-up article comes from the Globe, which blares on its front page, "Queen, 92, Collapses As Meghan Starts All-Out Family War." It's alleged inside the pages of the supermarket tabloid that "Prince Harry's pushy pregnant wife, Meghan... is being blamed for Queen Elizabeth's shocking collapse over the holidays." It bears mentioning the holidays haven't even begun yet, and when the magazine hit newsstands on Wednesday, Her Majesty hadn't arrived yet at her country estate in Sandringham, where all the drama was supposedly to have taken place. As widely reported, on Thursday Queen Elizabeth took a public train to Norfolk to begin her family Christmas celebration.

Basically, the publication wrote its fictitious story well in advance of the royals arriving in Sandringham, and claimed it had inside information about a family fight that took place before they've actually gathered together. Sadly, this does not entirely surprise Gossip Cop since we have repeatedly busted the untrustworthy magazine on many occasions for concocting phony articles about Queen Elizabeth and her family. In fact, more than four months ago, we exposed the very same outlet when it similarly maintained Queen Elizabeth collapsed after Prince Philip was supposedly diagnosed with cancer. In that tale from 140 days ago, it was asserted the queen keeled over in grief after being informed her husband only had 90 days left to live.

Obviously, none of that happened, and no legitimate outlets ever reported anything close to that. Nor should they with the magazine's latest manufactured story. According to the often discredited publication, "Her Majesty ordered all family members to gather for Christmas at her Sandringham estate... but it was a recipe for disaster." A so-called "palace courtier" is quoted as saying, "Simmering tensions erupted in a furious row as they all watched the queen's favorite soap opera."

While the family sat around the TV, contends the tabloid, Markle and Kate Middleton exchanged words. The publication's purported source claims in unnaturally expository language, "Meghan apparently became bored and got up to leave. But Kate, realizing her sister-in-law was breaking a strict royal rule, whispered to her to stay put."

The outlet then recounts how Markle allegedly "went crazy" and told Middleton, "Don't tell me what to do," before the newest royal "looked around the room and hissed, 'None of you want me here. I know you all hate me.'" "Then she vowed that if she has her way, they'll never see the new baby," adds the seemingly fake source.

Following that highly dramatic and made-up scene, asserts the tabloid, the queen "suddenly collapsed." "Everyone rushed to Her Majesty's side, terrified she was dead," continues the almost assuredly fabricated tipster. After a few minutes when the queen regained consciousness, she allegedly told her grandson, "Harry, it's better you both leave." For the record, neither Prince Harry, Markle, Middleton nor Prince William have arrived yet at Sandringham for Christmas with the queen.

The magazine's bogus narrative continues with "Her Majesty suffered another fainting spell the next day when she stepped out into her garden before attending an official function." That, of course, is to explain the photos the publication splashed on its cover. In reality, the pictures were taken in 2011 when the Queen visited Ireland and planted a tree at the President's home. Incredibly, the supermarket tabloid purposely tweaked the color of the queen's hat and coat and photoshopped out the rake she used for the tree planting to dupe its readers.

Naturally, the outlet doesn't mention what the "official function" was that the queen allegedly collapsed at, or why no other publication reported about it. It's also never explained how only the Globe was privy to the royal fight, or how it knows about future occurrences before they even happen, such as what went down at Sandringham before the queen (and other royals) even arrived there.

The article then ends with its purported insider contending Markle "acts like she's starring in her own TV reality show, the Royal Rebel, but her outrageous antics almost killed the queen." Again, all of this is fiction, much like the tabloid's cover story from two week ago that absurdly maintained Prince William was seizing the throne after accusing Prince Charles of murder. Oddly, none of that is mentioned, despite the magazine's claim the whole royal family was together at Sandringham.

The truth, of which there is very little in the magazine's report, is that the publication or its alleged "palace courtier" made up the entire tale. The photos used to illustrate the article are fake. The quotations are fake. And the premise itself is fake, which is why no one from the palace cared to comment on the story when asked by Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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