Queen Elizabeth Did NOT Say British Government Unfit To Serve People During Christmas Speech, Despite Report

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Queen Elizabeth Christmas Day Speech

By Holly Nicol |

Queen Elizabeth Christmas Day Speech

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Queen Elizabeth did not say the British government is “unfit to serve the people” during her Christmas Day speech, despite a fake news report. Gossip Cop can correct this bogus claim, which comes from a website known for its made-up stories.

According to YourNewsWire, Queen Elizabeth “dropped a bombshell” while filming her annual Christmas Day message, slamming Brexit and the British government. In the article, the often discredited outlet alleges the queen told millions of viewers, “The British government are no longer fit to serve the people of Great Britain.” And after asserting that Queen Elizabeth “asked her subjects to prepare for the total disintegration of democracy,” the untrustworthy site goes on to maintain that she continued to say during her speech, “The interests of my people are being put at the back of the queue.”

The repeatedly discredited blog further purports that the queen went on to bizarrely rant, “Our American cousins have escaped the clutches of tyranny, and we must ensure we do too.” And to conclude its absurd piece, YourNewsWire claims that senior palace and BBC staff “canceled the filming” due to the speech being “too political” after Queen Elizabeth supposedly said that “a war like no other may be coming to preserve the interests of the elite.”

But if it wasn’t already obvious, the entire story is nothing more than a fabrication. Each and every single quotation attributed to Queen Elizabeth is 100 percent manufactured. In reality, the queen’s Christmas Day speech, in which she looked back on a difficult year in the U.K. and offered a message of hope, was praised by the British public.

What’s more, as for the bogus sentence about the interests of Queen Elizabeth’s people being “put at the back of the queue,” it can only be assumed that YourNewsWire took that directly from a speech made by Barack Obama in 2016, in which he famously said that Britain would “go to the back of the queue” if the country left the European Union. Contrary to the outlet’s report, the queen certainly didn’t say that during her Christmas Day speech, nor did she slam the British government. It’s all made-up.

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