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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for nearly 73 years, but according to one tabloid cover story, they’ve really been “living a lie.” The two are reportedly living separate lives and may never speak again. Gossip Cop investigates the wild story.

Cheating Prince Philip Banished

The “72-year marriage has shockingly collapsed” on the eve of their anniversary, the National Enquirer says, and Prince Philip has been “banished to a remote cottage far away.” The magazine reports that the two have “been living separate lives for over 50 years,” and now the sham is too much for the two royals. Prince Philip supposedly had a major argument with his wife over what the queen called his “floozies.’

Most of this article is spent discussing the alleged cheating past of Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth has even investigated his infidelity herself and developed a “secret dossier naming all the women” he’s cheated with, as well as a list with all of “his alleged love children.’ Queen Elizabeth has decided to “stop living a lie and bring the curtain down on the farce” that is her marriage. The article concludes by saying, “Her Majesty never wants to see Philip again.”

She Was Seen With Prince Philip A Few Weeks Ago

This 72-year sham marriage was doing just fine a week ago. While this tabloid says Queen Elizabeth refuses to ever see him again, the two recently returned to London after a trip to the Scottish Highlands. We doubt that the 99-year-old Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are arguing publicly as this article implies, as they’ve been married for generation after generation. Gossip Cop is busting this story because the two are clearly still spending time together, and there's no basis to any of the outrageous claims and "dossiers."

There is a throwaway line in this story that calls the queen “the dying monarch.” Gossip Cop has routinely busted Enquirer stories about Queen Elizabeth being on death's door. For years upon years, tabloids have said the queen would die, and yet she continues to rule England with her husband at her side.

There's Plenty Of Queen Elizabeth Gossip

In this story, the queen banished her husband. In a previously debunked story, she had supposedly banned Meghan Markle from entering the country. She’s apparently ousting people left and right it would seem. This tabloid also claimed that the queen wasn’t the queen at all and that Prince William had ascended to the throne. Royal stories from the Enquirer are unbelievable to say the least.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are not living separate lives, a common tabloid phrase just vague enough to apply to any couple. They will hopefully celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary this November, and Prince Philip could turn 100 next June. Only time will tell what happens with the two — not the tabloids.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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