Who Was Eliminated On American Idol And Who Was Saved To Make Top 7? (VIDEO)

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American Idol Results April 8 2015

By Shari Weiss |

American Idol Results April 8 2015


“American Idol” had another doozy of a combined performance-results show on Wednesday, eliminating one contestant and saving another through the new Fan Save. Get all the results here!

As Gossip Cop reported, votes after last week’s Kelly Clarkson-themed performance were to be used to determine this week’s results. With the new season 14 format, Ryan Seacrest revealed who safely made it into the Top 7 one by one. But the pair of contestants to not hear their names towards the end of the show were informed they were the Bottom Two after receiving the least amount of votes. And those singers were Rayvon Owen, for the second time in a row, and Qaasim Middleton, who previously won the judges’ lone save earlier this season.

As seen for the first time last week, the new Fan Save allowed both to hit the stage one more time, performing their prepared Billboard Hot 100 Hits songs in hopes of winning the Twitter save. Following Owen’s performance of “Set Fire to the Rain” and Middleton’s rendition of “Hey Ya,” the judges seemed to make clear they favored the latter. But it wasn’t up to them, and a 5-minute voting period opened in which viewers could tweet for which contestant they wanted to be redeemed. In the end, Owen was saved once again… which meant Middleton was eliminated.

Owen now joins Jax, Nick Fradiani, Quentin Alexander, Joey Cook, Clark Beckham, and Tyanna Jones to make up the Top 7. Next week, based on votes for tonight’s performances, the whole process will repeat to determine the Top 6. Check out the videos below. What do you think of tonight’s results and the save decision?


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