Qaasim Middleton “Addicted To Love” American Idol Video: Singer Makes Comeback After Judges’ Save — WATCH!

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Qaasim Middleton Addicted To Love American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Qaasim Middleton Addicted To Love American Idol Video


Qaasim Middleton finally took the judges’ advice to heart and focused on his vocals during “American Idol” on Wednesday, one week after winning the lone save of the season. It definitely paid off. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Middleton just barely survived the cut last week. He was on the brink of elimination before a powerful performance convinced the judges to save him. As it turned out, that performance not only kept him in the competition then, but also again this week. Host Ryan Seacrest revealed he received enough votes afterward to make the Top 9 tonight.

All the contestants had to perform 1980s songs in hopes of making next week’s Top 8, and Middleton opted to forgo his trademark wild antics with “Addicted to Love.” Jennifer Lopez exclaimed afterward, “I love that! I love seeing you a little more reserved.” The superstar went on, “It was [just] you singing, delivering that song… At the end of the day, you are a really good vocalist, absolutely.”

Harry Connick Jr. told Middleton, “I think everybody across America knows that probably your greatest strength is your ability to perform. And I always thought your weakness was your unwilling to forfeit that ever.” But Middleton actually did just that this week, and earned Connick’s approval. “You stood there, you were sexy. It was great,” said the judge.

And Keith Urban encouraged Middleton to slow things down even more. “I almost think sometimes that you don’t believe in yourself enough so you compensate with everything else,” said the country singer. “If you’re here next week, I hope we hear you do something even more vulnerable.”

Check out the full video below. What do you think of this performance compared to Middleton’s past ones?


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