Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 Winner On Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 Winner Video

By Shari Weiss |

Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 Winner Video


Jimmy Fallon once again had puppies predict the Super Bowl winner on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

For the last few years, Fallon has used the totally unscientific but incredibly adorable method of relying on puppies to guess which team will be the NFL champion. The process is simple: Have a group of puppies run down a ramp to some food, and whichever team’s bowl the pooches choose is declared the likely Super Bowl winner.

For the “Puppy Predictors: Super Bowl 50 Prediction,” Fallon enlisted nine puppies, and had kibble in one bowl each for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. “This works every year,” Fallon amusingly deadpanned. But accurate or not, it was gosh darn cute seeing the pups get a pep talk from the late-night host, who gave rules like “no peeing or butt sniffing.”

When the game officially kicked off, it immediately became a landslide for the Broncos as most of the pups crowded around Denver’s bowl. That said, one canine actually opted not to take part. The little one ignored the food temptation and actually stayed in the way back as the rest of his (her?) brethren chowed down. Check out the video below, and come back to Gossip Cop on Sunday to see if the puppy Super Bowl prediction is accurate!


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