Priscilla Presley Can’t Chew Food Because Of “Botched” Plastic Surgery?

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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

By Michael Lewittes |

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

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A new report alleging Priscilla Presley can’t chew her food anymore, and relies on a “liquid diet” because of “botched” plastic surgery, is not true. Gossip Cop can correct this claim, which began in one of this week’s tabloid’s. We’re told it’s “fictitious and absurd.”

According to the new issue of Star, viewers who watched an interview Presley gave on the British morning talk show “Lorraine” on November 20 were “shook up” by her “bizarre” appearance. The magazine then asserts “an employee close to” Presley maintains Elvis’s ex-wife’s “problems are more than just skin deep.” A so-called “snitch” is quoted as telling the tabloid, “Her face is so botched she can’t really open her mouth to chew and has to have most of her meals pureed.”

To that end, contends the publication, Presley has about “10 blenders littering her kitchen and liquefies everything from veggies to meats.” The supposed “source” further asserts, “Sometimes, if she’s just come home from the plastic surgeon’s, she even has her assistant feed her, like a baby, because she can’t move.” The supposed source adds, “When her grandkids come over, they drink their meals together.”

Despite the publication’s claim, Gossip Cop strongly doubts an “employee close to” Presley really fed the magazine this information. Much more likely is that the outlet saw a number of British tabloid stories about viewers commenting on Twitter about Presley’s appearance on “Lorraine,” and then manufactured its angle about how she can’t chew and needs to eat her food in a liquid form.

Regardless of how it all began, Gossip Cop investigated and it’s not true. While Presley may have had some procedures here and there over the years, it has not affected her ability to eat. A Presley confidante assures us the contention that she has her food turned into liquids and then drinks her meals is “fictitious and absurd.”

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