Princess Eugenie Refusing To Accept Meghan Markle Into Royal Family?

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Princess Eugenie Accept Meghan Markle

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Princess Eugenie Accept Meghan Markle

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Is Princess Eugenie really refusing to accept Meghan Markle into the royal family? That’s the latest claim coming from one of this week’s tabloids, but Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s “false.”

According to OK!, Princess Eugenie is “refusing” to give the former “Suits” actress her “seal of approval.” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the publication, “It’s an open secret around the palace that [Princess Eugenie] thinks Meghan is a commoner who isn’t good enough to join the royal family.” The outlet’s supposed “insider” goes on to assert that Princess Eugenie’s biggest problem with the bride-to-be is that she was “forced” to push back her own wedding to “accommodate Harry and Meghan’s higher-profile ceremony.”

“Eugenie actually has a lot of A-list friends. She is determined to outshine Harry and Meghan with a star-studded guest list,” contends the tabloid’s alleged tipster. The gossip magazine’s purported “source” further asserts that Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles’s wife, is also reluctant to accept Markle into the family. The outlet’s questionable “insider” claims, “Camilla has always been treated as an inferior because she was Charles’ mistress and a divorcee, yet everyone has been so warm to Meghan. It really gets Camilla’s goat.”

The publication’s same “insider” adds, “The fact is, everyone in England, actually, it seems, all over the world, adores Meghan and Harry. So Camilla and Eugenie are going to have to get used to the fact that she’s here to stay, whether they like it or not.” And while all very dramatic, the tabloid’s tale is not accurate. Gossip Cop fact-checked the magazine’s story, and a royal source assures us the article is completely “false.”

Princess Eugenie and Parker-Bowles are not refusing to accept Markle into the family, nor is the newly engaged princess “determined to outshine” the actress on her own wedding day. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly pointed out, Princess Eugenie lives relatively under-the-radar in comparison to her cousin Prince Harry and his fiancee, and has no interest in competing with the actress. Additionally, Parker-Bowles told reporters after Markle got engaged to Prince Harry, “America’s loss is our gain. We are all absolutely delighted.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted an outlet for manufacturing a fake feud between Princess Eugenie and Markle. Just a few days ago, we called out OK!’s sister publication, Star, when it falsely maintained Princess Eugenie’s friends called Markle’s engagement ring was “cheap.” That wasn’t true and the same goes for this new piece of royal fiction.

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