Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle In “Royal Wedding Showdown”?

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Princess Eugenie Meghan Markle

By Holly Nicol |

Princess Eugenie Meghan Markle

(Woman’s Day)

Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle are not in a “royal wedding showdown,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this made-up story that asserts Prince Eugenie is looking to “outshine” her cousin’s fiancee in a bridal war. We’re told it’s “not true.”

Earlier this month, Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Eugenie got engaged to Jack Brooksbank, a 31-year-old wine merchant. But according to the New Zealand edition of Woman’s Day, the newly engaged Princess Eugenie is “determined to pull out all the stops to ensure her nuptials are more lavish and spectacular than those of her cousin and his famous fiancee.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “That’s why she’s so excited about getting married after them. She’ll be a guest at Harry’s wedding and will take notes so that everything on her big day is even bigger and better.” The magazine’s questionable “insider” further maintains, “Her aim is to make it the most star-studded wedding the world has ever seen.”

The publication’s alleged “source” also contends, “Eugenie wants the longest train ever on her gown, even longer than Princess Diana’s, and she wants an enormous wedding cake, which is something she’s dreamed about since she was a kid.” What’s more, the royal daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is even planning a “massive fireworks display with a romantic message written in the sky” that’s sure to “turn her and Jack into global superstars.”

The tabloid’s supposed “insider”adds, “[Princess Eugenie] can do endorsements for wedding fashion and decoration, and even promote hotels in Windsor. This is her chance to cash in” And that’s not all. The outlet claims Princess Eugenie’s “celebrity guest list” includes Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Victoria and David Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Sir Richard Branson. “Eugenie is certain she can compete [with Markle] when it comes to star factor,” asserts the magazine.

But Gossip Cop looked into the tabloid’s cover story, and a royal source tells us the article is 100 percent “not true.” Princess Eugenie, who is set to marry her long-term boyfriend later this year, is not trying to “outshine” Markle on her wedding day. As opposed to her cousin Prince Harry, who has been in the spotlight for years, the princess has always lived relatively under-the-radar and has no interest in becoming a “global superstar.”

Additionally, while Princess Eugenie is friends with a number of celebrities, including Delevingne, she has no interest whatsoever in competing in a “showdown” or “bride wars” with Markle on her big day, which will be broadcast all over the world. The entire article is nothing more than a fabrication, designed to create drama between the two women where there is none.

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