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Nothing makes the world smile quite like a royal baby, or at least that must be why tabloids claim so many of them are on the way. Kate Middleton is said to be pregnant with a baby boy, or so the “palace confirms.” Gossip Cop sees so many Middleton baby rumors, so we’re pretty skeptical. Here’s what we found.

Princess Charlotte Spills The Beans

In its cover story, New Idea claims the “Palace confirms: it’s a boy.” The tabloid uses recent photos taken of the Cambridge family as evidence that Middleton is about to have her fourth baby. A body language expert observed that “Kate putting her hand on her stomach” proves she’s pregnant. “This can be a signature gesture for Kate, pregnant or not,” but the expert notes that her hand is flat on her chest and not cupping it, so “a fourth baby is definitely on the cards.”

To back up it’s claim, the tabloid says Middleton is wearing dresses with “a more loose, comfortable feel to them” as a way of hiding her baby bump. Middleton “always wanted three children, but now,” the body language expert believes, “she would love to have four, and another boy would be wonderful.”

Wait, What About Princess Charlotte?

The description under the article says “cheeky Charlotte reveals,” but the article barely brings the young princess up at all. She only comes up when the tabloid says she “stole the show with her adorable facial expressions.” This is a bait-and-switch to make you think the baby news comes from the family and works with the cover claim that the “palace confirms” the pregnancy.

'Middleton Is Pregnant' Is A Common Story

Back in June, this same tabloid said it was Prince William confirming a fourth pregnancy. We’ve seen report after report about a Middleton pregnancy. Often times she has twins on the way, but here the tabloid showed restraint with just one boy. Just about every month another tabloid says Middleton is pregnant, which makes this latest report all the less reliable.

There Is No Confirmation

This article is utter hogwash. It carefully selects recent photos of Middleton where she happens to have her hand on her stomach.

What the tabloid doesn’t mention is that she’s smiling widely and looking down at her daughter, so it seems more likely that she was laughing, or simply holding her dress down while her daughter stood near. Touching your tummy does not prove you’re pregnant. There is no truth that a baby boy is on the way, nor is there any evidence that a baby is on the way at all.

In lieu of actual evidence, like a press release or quote from Princess Charlotte, the tabloid relies on a random “body language experts” who is looking at photographs. How would this expert know if Middleton wanted a fourth baby? They wouldn’t and neither would this tabloid.

Tabloid Is Wrong Again On Middleton

This is the same tabloid that once claimed to have an exclusive interview with Middleton, only to print an interview about Middleton. It was another bait-and-switch from the people who said Prince William had taken the throne. Gossip Cop also busted this tabloid for saying Middleton had a secret diary teeming with hatred of Meghan Markle. If Kate Middleton is pregnant, only she and perhaps Prince William would know. No body-language expert or an unreliable tabloid would know, only the couple. Until the palace actually confirms the news, there is no fourth baby on the way for the Cambridges.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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