A new report alleges Princess Charlotte likes to "play princess" but doesn't yet realize she's actually a member of the royal family. Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth behind this latest fabrication. We're told it's "made-up."

The phony allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which blares in a headline, "Real Royal Charlotte Copycats Fairytale Princess Wannabes!" In the accompanying story, the often disproven magazine claims in terribly odd language that the "teeny" two-year-old, a real member of the British monarchy, likes to "play princess," just like "every non-royal girlie tyke on the kingdom of Earth." The outlet goes on to purport, "[Princess Charlotte] keeps her closet chock-full of stuff like sale-priced slippers, gowns and tiaras."

A so-called "source" is then quoted as saying in similarly unnatural language, "It's hilarious! The daughter of Duchess Kate and Prince William doesn't yet realize that she'll be wearing the official royal deal when she's just a wee older!" "The precious child prances around for hours, 'pretending' she's one of the fairytale princesses she worships in storybooks and animated movies," further contends the tabloid's supposed "insider."

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight on this royally inaccurate report. We checked in with a palace insider, who assures us the article is 100 percent "made-up." And while it isn't entirely inconceivable to imagine Charlotte playing "princess," the clearly made-up quotations are proof that no one remotely close to the royal family is talking to the magazine.

Oddly, this isn't the first time Gossip Cop has debunked the supermarket tabloid for publishing a bizarre and baseless report about the royal family's youngest members. In August, we corrected the Enquirer for inaccurately alleging Prince George threw a tantrum over having to wear shorts. And shortly before that tale, we called out the publication for falsely claiming Prince George gave Queen Elizabeth a drawing of a unicorn with a genitals-shaped horn on its head, complete with a doctored photo of the child. Much like those articles, this latest one is also untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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