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Is Prince Charles planning on removing Princess Anne from the royal family once he becomes king? Could Brad Pitt be back to the single life after breaking up with Jennifer Aniston again? Is Kelly Clarkson’s divorce going to cost her tens of millions? We’re just a few days into December, and there’s been a lot of not-so-nice rumors already. Here's what Gossip Cop has reported on this week.

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Bindi Irwin's Marriage In Trouble After She Was Spotted Without Ring On?

New Idea reports that friends and family are worried about Bindi Irwin's marriage after she was seen without her wedding ring on just a few short months into her marriage to Chandler Powell. While some assumed she took it off for comfort due to her pregnancy, others say it's starting to look like a message. Gossip Cop decoded the message here.

photo of Princess Anne next to one of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
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Prince Charles Kicking Princess Anne Out Of The Royal Family At Camilla Parker Bowles Request, Per Report

The Globe says that Prince Charles is planning on removing his sister, Princess Anne, from the royal family's inner circle at the behest of his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. According to the report, it's all a part of Parker Bowles play for power. Gossip Cop looked into the latest bit of royal drama.

Brad Pitt in a black shirt and hat
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Brad Pitt 'Packing Bags' After 'Dumping' Jennifer Aniston?

New Idea's sources tell it that Pitt is just about ready to bail on Los Angeles entirely if his custody battle with Angelina Jolie doesn't go his way, and he has no qualms about leaving Jennifer Aniston behind if he does. The two apparently rekindled their relationship earlier this year, but it's not in great shape. We checked out the claims ourselves.

Kelly Clarkson smiling in a black dress
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Kelly Clarkson's Ex-Husband Requested $20 Million In Divorce? Here's What We Know

With Kelly Clarkson's divorce from Brandon Blackstock looming, Star claims that her soon-to-be ex-husband would be requesting $20 million of Clarkson's estimated $45 million fortune when they take the separation to court. A source says that Blackstock, a music manager, might even be willing to reveal a few of Clarkson's "secrets" to make sure he walks away with a share of her wealth. Gossip Cop looked into the pricey divorce drama here.

Bo Derek smiling at John Corbett on the red carpet

Report: Bo Derek, John Corbett Finally Getting Married

Bo Derek and John Corbett have been together for almost two decades, and now, the National Enquirer says that Derek's finally given in and is ready to exchange vows with her longtime partner. Corbett has been reportedly asking her to marry him for years and is happy that he finally got a yes. Here's what we found when we checked out the story.


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