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After finding out about her husband’s affair, Princess Diana developed bulimia. One tabloid is using the eating disorder as a similarity between the Princess of Wales and Kate Middleton. Is Prince William scared his wife is suffering like his mother once did? Gossip Cop investigates.

Meghxit-Duress Causes Disorder

In a Star cover story, Prince William “fears for Kate.” The Duke of Cambridge is “scared Kate is buckling under the pressure of royal life.” He “is especially terrified knowing his mother” battled an eating disorder herself. An insider says bulimia “could very well be connected to her being stick thin.”

The reason for her stress? Meghan Markle of course. “Kate’s workload is twice what it used to be” now that Markle has gone to America. Add on the pressure of “homeschooling George and Charlotte,” and we can see why Prince William has “turned to the queen and his father” for emotional support. The article concludes by saying, though her condition is not diagnosed and Prince William “isn’t a doctor,” an intervention may happen “if things get much worse.”

Photos Are Outdated

To add a bit of credence to the eating disorder theory, the tabloid has chosen some old unflattering photos of Middleton as evidence she is too thin. Since she’s not wearing a mask in any of the photos, we know they are all months old and are therefore untrustworthy.

Similar Outfit Means Similar Eating Disorder?

The tabloid also pairs a bunch of photos of Princess Diana next to photos of Middleton of the two doing similar things like wearing black or holding babies. This is very strange. Wearing a similar outfit as Princess Diana does not mean history is “repeating itself,” it just means they both have kids and have a lot of photos taken. Plus, it’s not as though Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are genetically related at all, so the connection would strictly be in Prince William’s mind.

The Story Is Not True

A person should be diagnosed with bulimia by a doctor, not by a tabloid. The tabloid has no photographic evidence and only relies on vague “insiders” to tell it’s disgusting story. Targeting Middleton’s weight is a sexist attack and using the deceased Princess Diana as a source is despicable. The story is false.

Other Incorrect Stories From This Shameless Tabloid

The tabloid loves targeting women over their weight. Gossip Cop busted a report that Angelina Jolie was anorexic due to stress from her divorce. On the flip side, it said Jessica Simpson’s binge eating would put her pregnancy at risk. It doesn’t matter if the celebrity is too thin or too big, as long as they are famous women they too can get a hateful cover of a magazine.

The royal insiders that this article claims to have heard from are presumably the same sources who told the tabloid Markle and Prince Harry had been kicked out of the royal family by the queen herself. Clearly, these insiders either know nothing at all or, more likely, they have been invented by the tabloid. Star has a horrible reputation and shouldn’t be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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