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A tabloid cover story announcing how Prince William and Kate Middleton will "rule the throne" was made up. The report alleges a "dying" Queen Elizabeth has quit, and her grandson and his wife are the "new" king and queen. But Gossip Cop can confirm this article was completely fabricated.

In addition to making the above claims, the new cover of Star also blares, "Will & Kate's Reign Begins After Baby No. 3! Charles & Camilla Banished Forever!" Inside the issue, the tabloid asserts, "In a startling twist, the Duke and Duchess will become the next king and queen, and with Prince Charles cast aside, they're ready to modernize the monarchy." It's noteworthy that the gossip magazine is presenting these allegations as a "twist" when it also falsely claimed Prince William and Middleton were crowned king and queen back in January. At that time, in a purported "palace bombshell," the outlet exclaimed, "Dying Queen Elizabeth Steps Down!" Now it's, "Dying Elizabeth Quits."

"Queen Elizabeth II has made the shocking decision to step down from the throne, and instead of passing the crown to her son and rightful heir, Prince Charles, the 91-year-old monarch is handing over the reign to Will and Kate," the publication claims in this new version of the same tired old rumor. A so-called "palace insider" is quoted as saying, "The coronation will happen after Kate has [their third] baby. Shunting Charles aside is an unprecedented break from tradition, but it's the right time to shake things up. Will and Kate are a welcome breath of fresh air, and they're going to do things their own way!"

Tellingly, the tabloid has no information on what that means, and doesn't provide anything to support its contention that Prince William and Middleton will "modernize the monarchy." There is also nothing to back up the "How We'll Rule The Throne" cover line. The article is simply filled out with alleged details on Queen Elizabeth's supposed decision to step aside and how Prince Charles feels about being "banished forever from the throne." Of course, if any of this was even happening, it wouldn't be Star breaking the news, anyway.

OK! and Life & Style have also each run multiple false cover stories naming Prince William and Middleton the next king and queen, even at times proclaiming "official announcement" and "palace confirms." But these gossip outlets are merely recycling the same story over and over to attract attention on newsstands. Gossip Cop, however, still investigates each issue. And we're told by our sources at Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace that the claims in this latest version are made up just like all the rest.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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