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Queen Elizabeth II has not named Prince William the next king of England in the fallout of the Prince Andrew controversy. A factually impossible claim by a tabloid is wrong. Gossip Cop can explain.

A new report in the National Enquirer alleges Queen Elizabeth blames her son, Prince Charles, for the ongoing scandal involving Prince Andrew. The palace recently announced that Prince Andrew would be stepping back from his royal duties for the foreseeable future after a problematic interview in recent weeks regarding his association with Jeffery Epstein. The tabloid contends that Queen Elizabeth has taken things one step further and not only fired Prince Andrew, but has told her heir apparent, Prince Charles, that he will no longer succeed her.

The story quotes a supposed "palace insider" as saying, "This is the biggest scandal the royals have faced in decades. Her Majesty blames Andrew for causing it - and Charles for not stopping it!" This almost certainly made-up "insider" goes on to say, "She believes only William can save the monarchy." The phony article further quote this dubious source as claiming, "When Charles returned from an official trip to New Zealand, she ordered him to her private quarters and blasted him for not containing the scandal when it first erupted ten years ago."

Since Prince Charles supposedly failed to react to the scandal, the magazine alleges Queen Elizabeth is bypassing Charles, and naming her grandson, Prince William, as the next king. The likely-phony palace tipsters adds, "Her Majesty said 'Only William and Catherine can ensure the future of the monarchy,'" adding, "Charles desperately protested but his mother shot him down." There is a lot to unpack in this bogus report, starting with the laws of succession in the United Kingdom.

This is a subject Gossip Cop has covered repeatedly over the years, as stories about Queen Elizabeth passing over Prince Charles in favor of William are very common in the tabloids. Each time, we explain that the queen does not have the power to choose her successor. There are very clear laws in place in the constitutional monarchy that determine who the next king or queen will be. Those laws are set by the U.K. Parliament, not the Crown. There are a number of laws in place that prescribe in detail how succession works, and not a single one of them involves the current regent, nor does her opinion even make a difference.

Any "high-level palace staffer" would understand the laws regarding the monarchy, which almost certainly means the tabloid's quotes are bogus. This particular magazine has pushed this phony narrative many times before. This latest take on the subject, which throws the Prince Andrew controversy into the mix, is also made-up.

In May, the Enquirer published an article alleging Queen Elizabeth wanted Prince William to "seize the throne" from Prince Charles. The ridiculous article said the queen was masterminding some sort of palace coup to "save the monarchy." The publication was once again completely mistaken in its understanding of British law. Clearly the outlet has no shame in repeating its mistakes.

In February, the Enquirer claimed Queen Elizabeth was suffering from dementia and named Prince William and Kate Middleton the new king and queen. According to that completely false report, the queen was stepping down, skipping over Prince Charles and naming Prince William as the next sovereign. Frustratingly, the tabloid again claimed to quote a "palace insider." Just like the current insider, the so-called "source" obviously knew nothing about the palace, the royal family or British law. Gossip Cop corrected the story, and we will continue to call out the tabloid when it publishes stories like this.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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