Prince William Made “Raunchy” Speech At Prince Harry’s Engagement Party?

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Prince William Prince Harry Engagement Speech

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Prince William Prince Harry Engagement Speech

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Did Prince William really make a raunchy speech at Prince Harry’s engagement party? That’s the latest claim from one of this week’s tabloids, but Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s “false.”

In the current edition of Star, the magazine has a report titled, “Ginger Prince Turns Beet Red Over Sex-Tape Speech.” In the article, the publication asserts Prince William “made jaws drop during a toast” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their engagement party. A so-called “source” is then quoted as telling the gossip outlet, “Wills asked for glasses to be raised, then launched into a shocking spiel.”

The tabloid’s supposed “insider” contends, “It got a wee raunchy! Wills ended his rather untraditional rant by saying, ‘And whatever you do, don’t make a sex tape!'” The magazine’s alleged snitch adds, “You could hear a pin drop, but then Harry started roaring with laughter and Meg giggled along too.”

Did that really happen? Glaringly, Star fails to provide with any specific details about when or where Prince Harry’s alleged engagement party took place, nor does the tabloid elaborate on who attended the royal soiree. Also, the purported “source” offers absolutely no examples of how Prince William’s “spiel” was “shocking.” Furthermore, no real palace “insider” would ever refer to Prince William as “Wills” or call Prince Harry just by his first name.

Basically, the entire article is fabricated. And while the story seems to have been manufactured to piggyback on the release of Prince Harry and Markle’s official engagement photos, curiously no other legitimate outlet, including the dogged British press, reported anything about an engagement party for the couple. Regardless, Gossip Cop investigated the apparently made-up story, and an actual palace insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity, tells us the report is 100 percent “false.”

Unfortunately, we’re not remotely surprised by the tabloid’s latest piece of royal fiction. Gossip Cop corrected the same unreliable publication earlier this year when it falsely claimed Prince Harry and Markle were “secretly engaged.” Much like that untrue-at-the-time claim, this new article about Prince William making a “raunchy” speech at Prince Harry’s engagement party is equally wrong.

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