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Prince William has NOT accused his father, Prince Charles, of murder nor is he seizing the throne, despite an absolutely bonkers report. The narrative comes from a magazine that probably should have warned its readers they're reading an untrustworthy tale. Regardless, Gossip Cop can use well-established facts to debunk this work of fiction.

According to the Globe, which is the sister publication of RadarOnline, the National Enquirer, and Us Weekly, "Prince William has snatched the throne from his own father as astounding new evidence proves Prince Charles murdered his first wife, Princess Diana." Before we continue, we must note there is no "new evidence" that any legitimate outlet has published to back up the supermarket tabloid's outlandish claims, and there's nothing to prove Prince Charles had anything to do with the tragic death of Prince Di. Now that we've made perfectly clear the magazine's account is pure pulp, let's examine the ridiculous report.

In earnest, the often discredited publication maintains it has learned Prince William "confronted" his dad at his country estate Highgrove and shouted, "You killed my mother! I have proof!" before adding even more dramatically, "You are unfit to rule and can never be king." Following the over-the-top moment which only that tabloid seems to have heard about, the outlet contends Prince William then "presented a damning new dossier" to Queen Elizabeth, and begged Her Majesty to "do the right thing."

After scanning what the publication terms "incriminating testimony from a never-before-interviewed witness," the magazine's supposed source also apparently heard the Queen order "Charles cut out of succession to the throne," and instead asked that Prince William and Kate Middleton be named the next king and queen of England. As if the premise weren't preposterous enough, the outlet asserts Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are "outraged that William's been probing his mother's 1997 death behind their backs."

Conveniently, the tabloid claims it has unearthed unnamed investigators and forensic experts who allegedly helped Prince William crack the case but have been "sworn to secrecy." Now Prince William has "vowed to make Charles face public justice for murdering Diana," says the anonymous and quite possibly fake informant.

The unidentified tipster goes on to assert Prince William found "a secret witness who knows everything about Charles' plot to make Diana disappear" by allegedly having "the brakes on Diana's limo... tampered with." "That person's been in hiding for years," says the supposed insider. The seemingly manufactured source also magically overheard a furious Parker Bowles warn Prince Charles that he better "take back the crown," and further threaten, "I know all your secrets, Charles. I know you killed Diana. I read your diaries."

To recap, the Globe is the only publication in the world to have found this secret source, who's privy to all the royals' conversations and confrontations. It's also the only magazine to know that, though they were "sworn to secrecy," there are a slew of experts and investigators who purportedly have proof Prince Charles allegedly killed his ex-wife. It's also the only tabloid to know about a "secret witness who knows everything about Charles' plot." And it's also the only media organization to know Prince Charles supposedly wrote about it in his "diaries."

For the rest of us living in the real world, in September 1999, two French judges concluded that Princess Diana died because Henri Paul, the driver of the car she was in, was "inebriated and under the effect of drugs" and therefore "not in a position to maintain control of the vehicle," which was speeding at the time of the crash. While paparazzi chased her car through Paris, the judges cleared them of all charges.

And in April 2008, after an exhaustive British inquest, it was determined the crashed that killed Prince Diana was "caused, or contributed to, by the speed and manner of the driver of the Mercedes and the speed and manner of the following [paparazzi] vehicles." Other factors were that the Princess of Wales was not wearing a seatbelt when the Mercedes slammed head-on into a pillar in a Paris underpass going twice the speed limit. Notably, right after the findings, Prince William and Prince Henry issued a statement agreeing with the verdict.

It's telling the magazine's writers couldn't even get some basic facts straight. Princess Diana rode in a regular Mercedes 280SE, not a "limo." And, as we've repeatedly explained in other stories that have falsely claimed Prince William will become king instead of his dad, the queen simply can't "Charles cut out of succession to the throne." Under the Act of Settlement of 1701, any change to succession would have to be done through a law enacted by Parliament.

Lastly, far from cutting her eldest son out, when Queen Elizabeth toasted Prince Charles at his 70th birthday in November, she shared why he was uniquely qualified to be the next king. The queen called Prince Charles "a great charitable leader," adding he was "a dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history."

It bears mentioning, the Globe is the same disreputable tabloid Gossip Cop busted when it falsely claimed over the summer that Queen Elizabeth collapsed after Prince Philip was allegedly diagnosed with cancer. There was, of course, zero truth to that tall tale. So, if you want to read all sorts of wild plots involving kings and queens, Gossip Cop suggests the Game Of Thrones books. At least they acknowledge they're fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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