Prince William, Kate Middleton NOT “King And Queen,” Despite Report

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Prince William King Kate Middleton Queen August 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Prince William King Kate Middleton Queen August 2016


Prince William and Kate Middleton are NOT “king and queen,” despite yet another false tabloid cover story about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles supposedly giving up the throne. Gossip Cop can bust the allegation once again.

The untrue announcement is made on Wednesday’s new cover of OK!, which touts, “It’s Official!” and proclaims, “Palace Announces $100 Million Coronation.” The accompanying story is headlined, “William & Kate Take The Crown.” And it’s said, “In a startling — but much hoped-for — twist, Prince Charles has decided to step aside to allow Prince William and Duchess Kate to become the next king and queen of England!”

“When the Queen passes the baton, it will be to William and his wife Duchess Kate,” writes the magazine, which blames the decision on the public’s supposed dislike of Prince Charles. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “If letting William and Kate become the next king and queen is what it takes to cement the future of the monarchy, he’s willing to sacrifice his own turn on the throne.”

As for Queen Elizabeth, the supposed source says, “She’s at a point, finally, where she wants to take a step back from royal duties in favor of a more quiet life. As much joy as she has gotten from being queen, it’s an extremely demanding job, and she is ready to retire.” And “credit” for her confidence in the change-over is given to Middleton.

The alleged tipster claims, “The Queen told her personally that this decision is almost entirely due to her — which of course brought her to tears!” And now, the snitch adds, “Their coronation will be the event of the century.” The rest of the piece is filled out with speculation about how Middleton will “oversee every detail,” just as she did for the royal wedding.

But this is the third time in less than a year that OK! has falsely claimed Prince William and Middleton’s coronation was imminent. In fact, as seen in the photos below, the covers are only changed ever so slightly each time, with the biggest difference this time being that the supposed coronation has gone from costing “$1 billion” to “$100 million.” But Queen Elizabeth wasn’t giving up the throne to the royal couple last September.

Prince William and Middleton weren’t named “king and queen” this past January, either. And now this “official” story is another lie. Contrary to the OK! cover, the Palace exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “No such announcement has been made.” And if and when it ever is, don’t expect a U.S. tabloid to break the news.


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Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially King and Queen.

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