Prince William, Kate Middleton Did NOT Warn Prince Charles, Camilla To Stay Away From Baby Louis, Despite Report

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Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles

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A new report alleging Prince William and Kate Middleton have warned Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles to “stay away” from the couple’s new baby, Prince Louis, is not true. Picking up on a Globe articleNew Idea claims Middleton and Prince William don’t want the older royals “anywhere near the baby” and have even “blacklisted” them. Further illustrating how little both publications know about the British monarchy, they assert this latest “tense” situation comes at a time when there’s also a “question as to who will succeed Queen Elizabeth to the throne.” All of this, however, is provably wrong.

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Charles and Camilla neglected to send William and Kate flowers, a note of congratulations or gifts for their new prince.” The same supposed insider alleges that he or she heard Prince William tell his father, “You ruined my childhood, but I won’t let you destroy Louis’ or George’s or Charlotte’s.” “You’re banned from seeing any of them,” adds the seemingly fictitious tipster.

There’s so much that undeniably untrue in the tabloids’ stories that it’s difficult to decide where to begin, so Gossip Cop will simply attack the claims in order. Far from having Prince Charles and Parker-Bowles “blacklisted,” “banned” or warned to “stay away” from seeing Prince Louis, the new royal’s grandfather and step-grandmother have already met the baby. As reported by a number of outlets, Prince Charles visited Prince Louis on May 2. His wife saw the newest member of the royal family just one day earlier on May 1, the same day Queen Elizabeth met her great-grandson at Kensington Palace.

The gossip magazines’ assertions as well about there being a “question as to who will succeed Queen Elizabeth” just underscore how ill-informed the publications are. The royal succession is such that the first child, Prince Charles, is next in line to the throne, and the Queen Elizabeth cannot alter that even if she wanted. As a result of the Act of Settlement of 1701, it would be Parliament that would have to install Prince William as king ahead of his father. Of course, it’s all lunacy especially after Prince Charles was recently named the next head of the Commonwealth following the queen’s endorsement.

As for the supposed quote from a royal insider, “Charles and Camilla neglected to send William and Kate flowers, a note of congratulations,” that’s also completely untrue. Shortly after Prince Louis’ birth, Prince Charles publicly issued a statement on Twitter that read, “We are both so pleased at the news. It is a great joy to have another grandchild.” Additionally, no one working within the royal households would call them just “Charles,” “Camilla,” “William,” or “Kate.” A real person in that position would refer to them as “Prince Charles” (or “Prince of Wales”), “Duchess of Cornwall,” “Prince William” or (“Duke of Cambridge”) and “Duchess of Cambridge,” respectively.

Lastly, the purported quote from a palace insider in which Prince William allegedly lashed out as his dad about being “banned” from seeing his grandchildren is clearly fabricated. As noted above, Prince Charles already visited Prince Louis and celebrated, at the same time, Princess Charlotte’s third birthday when he recently stopped by Kensington Palace. Curiously, nothing is mentioned about Prince Charles meeting his two new granddaughters, since New Idea is the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted just a few months ago when it falsely maintained Middleton was pregnant with twin girls. Naturally, that was untrue and so is the latest article about her and Prince William warning Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles to “stay away” from Prince Louis and their other kids.


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