Prince William, Kate Middleton Top Rumor Of 2017: Crowned King And Queen

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Prince William Kate Middleton Top Rumor 2017

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Prince William Kate Middleton Top Rumor 2017

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One of the favorite tabloid narratives about Kate Middleton is that she’s imminently going to be queen. In fact, multiple outlets falsely claimed Prince William and Middleton were named king and queen in 2017. All the way back in January, for example, Star announced a “palace bombshell.” Egregiously, the gossip magazine wrongly declared, “Dying Queen Elizabeth steps down.”

In the story, it was alleged the queen was in “frail health,” leading her to make “the shocking decision to step down from the throne.” It was then claimed that “instead of passing the crown to her son and rightful heir, Prince Charles, she’s handing over the reign to William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the historic coronation will happen this summer.” The younger royals were supposedly informed of the changes to the succession plan “right after they came back from spending the holidays with Kate’s family.”

Well, summer has come and gone, we’re now in the midst of another holiday season, Queen Elizabeth is alive and well, and there’s been no announcement about Prince William and Middleton taking her place. Time has proven the cover story was a fabrication, just as Gossip Cop said at the time. We also said that when Life & Style purported to have the “official announcement” about Prince William and Middleton being named king and queen in August. Perhaps needless to say, but there was nothing “official” about that article.

Still, later that same month, the outlet tried to capitalize on rumors that Middleton was expecting her third child with the fake news that she was also “named queen.” Days later, it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. But there wasn’t confirmation then or since then that she’s taking over the throne. And that’s because she isn’t. Yet the publication tried again in November with a new issue that asserted, “After Royal Battle, William & Kate Named King & Queen.”

The only change that actually did come this year as far as royal duties go is Prince Philip retired in August. Still, that did not affect the chain of succession. Similarly, the other legitimate news about the monarchy in 2017 is that Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry. But that, too, has no influence on whether Queen Elizabeth continues to lead the monarchy. Furthermore, if and when the queen ever decides to abdicate, it won’t be the American gossip media breaking the news.

The tabloids have ridiculously tried this angle so many times, Gossip Cop has collected the covers in the photo gallery below. We expect to be adding to the collection in 2018.


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