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Are Prince William and Kate Middleton "furious over being upstaged" by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? That's the claim in one of this week's celebrity magazines. The simple answer is it's not true.

According to the Globe, Middleton and Prince William are "fuming over the Hollywood-style publicity grab" launched by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The supermarket tabloid alleges Markle is "missing no chance to make a publicity splash, turning her pregnancy and birth of son Archie into TV triumphs." In reality, Markle made her first public appearance since giving birth at Trooping the Colour on Saturday, and had not been seen for a month other than in a handful of official photos with the baby, mom, Prince Harry, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Does that make Her Majesty and Archie publicity seekers, too?

From there, the frequently discredited publication points to how Markle and Prince Harry have "continued to fuel the public's ravenous interest with the debut of their @SussexRoyal Instagram account," which the magazine notes amassed "an astronomical 5.1 million followers" in just six hours. In case one feels the tabloid's premise couldn't get any flimsier or absurd, it then writes about how on that account Prince Harry posted photos taken from their New Zealand visit "with Meghan cleverly timing their release on Earth Day." Somehow or another the outlet missed the point about how those pictures were uploaded precisely to provoke discussion about certain animal species dying out and the importance of preserving our planet.

The habitually debunked magazine quotes a so-called "royal insider" as saying, "Hollywood's trained Meghan to seek publicity, and she's using every opportunity to get her face and Harry's in the media." Again, Markle's last public appearance (before Trooping the Colour) was exactly a month ago on May 8. And even though there's no proof to back up its narrative, the outlet still maintains, "This upstaging behavior has infuriated" Prince William and Middleton. The article ends with its alleged tipster declaring in ridiculously phony language, "Meghan and Harry may win a few battles, but make no mistake about it — the future king and his wife will win the war."

For the record, sources within both royal houses shrugged off the tabloid's tale. It's true Markle was an actress, but her and Prince Harry's press coverage, as well as that of Prince William and Middleton's is pretty much predicated on them attending events or supporting causes, sharing photos from their lives, and posting officially sanctioned statements on social media. No one is engaging in guerrilla-style publicity.

Of course, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by this latest article, considering how many fabricated tales about them we've previously shot down. When it comes to the redheaded royal, we busted a fictitious cover story about Prince Charles disowning Prince Harry after a DNA test revealed he's not his real father. Three months later, following Archie's birth, the outlet similarly ran a bogus front page piece that asserted Prince Harry is not the real father of Markle's baby.

The tabloid also manufactured a slew of covers about the Cambridges. After there were stories about the future king having allegedly cheated on his wife with their friend Rose Hanbury, Gossip Cop exposed the magazine for falsely insisting Prince William and Middleton were in "divorce talks." That was inaccurate, as was another cover the next week that contended Middleton "moved out" of the home she shares with Prince William during a "trial separation."

On the heels of that was yet another story by the same publication which wrongly reported Middleton collapsed over Prince William allegedly cheating on her, and how she was found hours later in a locked bathroom at her parents' house. Each and every one of those articles were incorrect, and so is the current one about Prince William and Middleton being "furious" that they've been "upstaged" by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Neither couples is seeking or needs publicity. For better or (often) worse, it follows them wherever they go.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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